Can I eat oranges on keto?

In this article, we are going to discuss and answer the question “Can I eat oranges on keto?”. I will also show the nutritional component of oranges. I will talk about orange juice as well. I will provide some substitutes for oranges from zests, to peels to extracts. In addition to that, I will provide some fruit alternatives to oranges.

Can I eat oranges on keto?

No, you can not eat oranges on the keto diet. Oranges are high in carbs. 1 fruit contains 154 grams containing 18.2 grams, with net carbs of 14.5 grams. 

What is the nutritional information of oranges?

The following is the nutritional value of one orange weighing 154 grams:

  • Calories 72.4 kcal
  • Protein 1.45 grams
  • Carbs 18.2 grams
  • Total fat 0.185 grams
  • Dietary fiber 3.7 grams
  • Sugars 14.4 grams
  • Calcium 61.6 grams
  • Vitamin C 81.9 grams

What about orange juice?

The answer is still no, unfortunately, orange juice is still high in carbs.  Orange juice is much lower in fiber than the actual fruit. 

Juicing the fruit would remove all the fiber content, as it contains a lower fiber amount. Orange juice and the fruits both contain almost the same amount of carbs.

What are some substitutes for oranges?

There are many substitutes for oranges that are much lower in carbs and can be consumed on keto.  Yet there are some alternatives that would have you still tasting the flavor without the carbs. 

Orange zest

An orange zest is a good option if you are craving the taste of oranges. They have the orangey flavor minus the carbs. A tablespoon contains 1.5 grams of carbs only. It can be added to keto-friendly desserts and added to your desserts. 

You can make an orange cake that can be keto-friendly, it replaces high carbs flour with almond flour. This recipe uses cream cheese for richness and uses erythritol as a sweetener. The whole cake contains 13 grams of carbs. 

You can find the recipe here. You can make this keto cranberry orange bread that is low in carbs containing 3.7 grams of net carbs. You can find it here.

Orange extract

You can add orange extract to your favorite keto-friendly dessert. You can buy the orange extract or you can make it at home. Orange extract is a great addition to your recipes. You can make ice cream by adding xanthan gum, sweetener, and some orange flavor. 

Orange soda

Orange soda drinks are a great way to enjoy the taste of oranges without the extra carbs. You should look for the nutritional labels and avoid sodas containing added sugars in them. Look for orange sodas that contain artificial sweeteners without any carbs including them.

Orange peels 

Orange peels are also a great option to add to your recipes without the carbs in them. You can make this shrimp and add the orangey flavor to it. This keto Chinese orange peel shrimp recipe is a great recipe you can find here.

Citric acid

You can also add citric acid to your recipes as well. It will give a great citrusy flavor.

What are some side effects of eating oranges?

Some people are allergic to oranges and can not eat them. In addition to that, oranges increase heartburn symptoms. 

Excess consumption would cause cramps and diarrhea. Whole oranges are high in sugar. But orange juice consumption would cause weight gain because of the extra calories it will provide. 

What are some substitutes for oranges?

There are some fruits that can substitute for oranges. Avocados are great sources of healthy fats, vitamins, and fibers. It is low in cs which is ideal for keto. Tomatoes are a great source of folate, vitamin C, folate, potassium, and vitamin K. 

You can have them in your salads and enjoy them. Coconuts are also great, rich in fat and keto-friendly. The coconut shreds can be added to your keto-friendly smoothies. 

You can have berries as well, from blackberries to strawberries to raspberries. Raspberries and blackberries contain 5 grams per 100 grams, while strawberries contain one gram more than these two. It is important to eat fruits in moderation.


In this article, we discussed and answered the question “Can I eat oranges on keto?”. I also showed the nutritional component of oranges. I  talked about orange juice as well. I  provided some substitutes for oranges from zests, peels to extracts. In addition to that, I provided some fruit alternatives to oranges.


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