Can I drink Nescafe black coffee for weight loss?

In this text, we will answer the query “Can I drink Nescafe black coffee for weight loss?”. We will show the effects of caffeine on losing weight and what the recommended dose is. Furthermore, we will discuss what instant coffee is and we will also discuss whether instant coffee is bad for your health.

Can I drink Nescafe black coffee for weight loss?

Yes, you can drink Nescafe black coffee for weight loss. Every coffee that has caffeine helps you lose weight. However, it all depends on the doses ingested.

Coffee has a thermogenic effect. That is, it can speed up metabolism, increasing caloric expenditure. This helps in burning body fat and in the slimming process. Additionally, coffee polyphenols are associated with a reduced risk of several diseases, including type 2 diabetes and certain cancers.

For those who practice physical activities, the drink guarantees more energy in training. Because caffeine is able to stimulate the nervous system, which signals fat cells to break down fat. Thus, free fatty acids are available to act as fuel. The substance increases adrenaline in the blood, which prepares the body for physical exertion.

Instant coffee has less caffeine than regular coffee, with 30 to 90 mg per 240 ml cup. However, it is still possible to lose weight by drinking espresso. This amount of caffeine is enough to trigger weight loss.

Instant coffee is made from freeze-dried or spray-dried coffee beans. It is simple to prepare as all you need to do is mix 1-2 teaspoons of instant coffee with hot water. This allows the coffee pieces to dissolve.

Does coffee creamer make you gain weight?

Yes, coffee creamer makes you gain weight because it has sugar. However, this answer is relative. Because it will depend on the amount of sugar added, the amount ingested and how much energy the person spent in the day. 

In addition, there are other factors that also interfere with weight gain, such as genetic predisposition itself.

Is instant coffee bad for your health?

No, instant coffee is not bad for your health. Although popular belief and some observational studies show that soluble/instant coffee is harmful to your health, instant coffee is not bad for you.

Its consumption convenience is undeniable, but instant coffee has been increasingly appreciated for its quality as well, as it has evolved a lot since its discovery. 

Nowadays it is possible to find instant coffee versions 100% made of Arabica coffee in its coffee extract composition, with all the sensory characteristics of the beans preserved. As a result, the product is very similar to fresh coffee in flavor and aroma.

One of the many benefits of coffee is that it has low calories, analgesic and stimulant properties, in addition to the high concentration of antioxidants, making the habit of drinking coffee help in brain functions. As a result, brewed coffee in beans or ground (fresh) and instant (soluble) share the same market side by side, in worldwide preference.

How is Nescafe quality assurance?

Nescafe quality assurance is during its production.The perfectly roasted beans are ground and go straight to extraction, which is the “passing” phase of the coffee (as we do at home!). This coffee, now in powder form, is placed in huge “coffee pots”, which, under high pressure and hot water, extract the liquid. 

During this procedure, all the coffee aromas come out in the form of steam.

Thinking about guaranteeing the maximum quality for the drink you enjoy at home and this has a lot to do with guaranteeing the good smell of real coffee.

Nescafe has ​​developed an exclusive method called the Double Filter, which preserves and guarantees that these molecules’ natural aromas don’t get lost and are guaranteed in your cup of Nescafe.

The final stage is to turn the brewed coffee into soluble coffee. For this, professionals remove the water from the liquid extract in the drying processes, leaving only the powder, which preserves the flavor and aroma of the coffee. These particles are then reassembled, giving the appearance and properties specific to each Nescafe product.

For each stage of this journey, some variations and nuances create new products and new ways to deliver coffee in an easy, practical and tasty way. Each stage is studied with precision, from the filling methods that preserve the freshness to 100% quality assurance through the analysis and tasting of each bag used.

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In this text, we answered the query “Can I drink Nescafe black coffee for weight loss?”.  We showed the effects of caffeine on losing weight and what the recommended dose is.  Furthermore, we discussed what instant coffee is and we also discussed whether instant coffee is bad for your health.


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