Can I cook wild rice in a rice cooker?

In this brief guide, we will answer the query, “Can I cook wild rice in a rice cooker?” and will discuss steps to cook wild rice in a rice cooker.

Can I cook wild rice in a rice cooker?

Yes, you can cook wild rice in a rice cooker. It is surprisingly easy to prepare wild rice in a rice cooker, but it takes a lot longer to cook. You’ll have to cook the rice for up to around 50 minutes so that you plan. You are working on 1 measure of rice two 2 measurements of water for this recipe. You may either use water for this or something like chicken stock for added taste.

It should be stated After I have a roast chicken, I adore chicken stock and will create it my own. You’ll be your own best in the west chicken stock when you boil the carcass and add a little celery. You always have to add salt to the rice and this provides flavor to it and helps cook as your water boils. Something convenient when you are higher. A little butter can also be added to the mix. After adding all of it, simmer it for 40 to 50 minutes, or until the rice cooker switches off automatically. When it is done, leave for approximately 10 minutes to rest and serve.

Rice as a staple food

Rice is one of the meals that many people may name a staple food. Rice from the Orient has been a popular meal for ages, in its numerous varieties. Both the Chinese and the Japanese have traditional rice cooking methods, some of which can be regarded as extremely difficult. Today, in our kitchens we have many new, contemporary gadgets, some of which are perfect for cooking rice.

Indeed, a fantastic tiny tool specially built for this was created by the world of contemporary technology. It’s also known as a rice cooker, of course. It’s quite simple to operate a rice cooker and may even be used to cook wild rice. When you know how to cook wild rice in a rice cooker, you won’t want to prepare it else, because it’s straightforward and convenient.

You only have to go around your local supermarket rice and grain hall to discover how many rice kinds are offered. You can’t know who you want to select, despite it is somewhat overwhelming and scary.

While we name it rice and combine it with other meals in the way we often consume rice as a side dish with other dishes, wild rice isn’t the authentic rice that we know. Wild rice is a grain from four different grass species. Wild rice is native to North America, unlike regular rice that comes from China. In both color and texture, it is distinct from regular rice. Wild rice is a faint pale light brown hue and gritty. The individual grains are slightly bent and are longer than ordinary rice. The flavor is very unique, with a more woody and nutty flavor.

How to cook wild rice?

Cooking tips:

·         1 cup rice

·         2 cups water /chicken stock

·         Add salt to taste

·         Add a bit of butter

·         Cook for 40-50 mins

·         10mins to rest then it is ready to eat.

How is it to be taken?

A little dish of uncooked rice is needed for 2 persons. However, it can be reheated later in the day, so you can cook a bit more without anything. Then 3 to 4 bowls should be plenty while making the supper for the whole family.

Rinse it with water before cooking

To eliminate the starch, it is necessary to rinse the raw rice. This is a very essential step as it does not stick. A large bowl may be used, a lot of water can be added and mixed or the sieve can be used.

The water quantity dosage

Washed, add clean water after the rice has been rinsed. When there is approximately 1/2 inch of water above the rice, stop pouring. The amount of water you need varies on the rice you use, so you have to bring it a little bit more or less. For the wild kind, for 1 cup of rice, you have to put 2 tables of water. Also, the older the rice, the more water the rice needs, so that you often find yourself pouring a little bit more.

Rice cook

Just put the cooker on the cover and switch it on. Most cookers feature 1 button for basic rice:

·         On: boiling rice

·         Keep warm: keep the rice heated

Once cooked, I propose that a wooden or plastic spoon be removed (that prevents damage to the bowl) and the lid is applied to keep it warm.


In this brief guide, we answered the query, “Can I cook wild rice in a rice cooker?” and discussed steps to cook wild rice in a rice cooker.


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