Can I cook 2 turkeys at the same time?

In this brief guide, we will answer the query, “Can I cook 2 turkeys at the same time?” and will discuss the steps to cook two turkeys in the oven at the same time.

Can I cook 2 turkeys at the same time?

Yes, you can cook two turkeys at the same time. Even if you cook two turkeys of the same weight, the roasting time will not be doubled. The amount of time it takes to cook a chicken is dependent on its weight. Ensure that the oven area is large enough to allow for optimum heat circulation.

But occasionally you have to cook two at the same time in one oven. The flesh must be prepared properly to guarantee it is moist and delicious while cooking two turkeys in one oven, which requires particular preparations and a cooking method.

 The cooking time of two turkeys depends on a variety of factors, including the cooking temperature, the turkey’s size, and the thickness of the meat. A meat thermometer is the most crucial tool for cooking two turkeys in one oven, despite all of these factors.

Steps to cook two turkeys at the same time

Step 1

Choose two turkeys of similar size. Using the same basic preparations and cooking temperature helps you to cook the food at the same temperature for roughly the same amount of time.

Step 2

Preheat the oven to 325 degrees Fahrenheit.

Step 3

You should dry each turkey with a paper towel before putting it on a wire rack inside a roasting pan.

Step 4

Each bird’s wingtips should be tucked behind its shoulder. Using this method allows the turkeys to be cooked uniformly while also saving room in the oven.

Step 5

Pour a half cup of water into the bottom of each roasting pan, and then set them both in the oven.

Step 6

Every 15 minutes rotate the turkeys’ positions.

Step 7

The turkeys should be cooked for a total of two to four hours. In a convection oven, a 10-pound turkey takes around 2 hours to cook, whereas a traditional oven requires 3 hours.

Step 8

Using a separate thermometer probe, check each turkey’s internal temperature by putting it into the deepest part of the leg. Make sure the probe is in the center of the meat and isn’t touching any bones before you start cooking.

Step 9

When the internal temperature of each turkey reaches 165 degrees Fahrenheit, remove it from the oven.

Step 10

Before carving, allow the natural fluids in the flesh at least 15 minutes to soak in, making it softer.

Tips to cook two turkeys at the same time

Butterball Turkey Talk-Line director Nicole Johnson says two smaller turkeys between 9 and 12 pounds are perfect. When cooking two turkeys in one oven, keep these guidelines in mind:

·         You need to choose the proper roasting pan

A shallow roasting pan no deeper than 3 inches is ideal for a 9 to 12-pound turkey. For each bird, a 13×9 roasting pan ($18, Amazon) should be plenty. According to Johnson, placing the turkey side-by-side in one big pan with a 1-inch gap between each turkey is the best option.

·         The roasting time shouldn’t be increased.

Even though you’ll be preparing two turkeys, you don’t have to double the cooking time. Since two 12-pound turkeys take the same amount of cooking time at 325°F, you’ll need to roast them for 234 to 3 hours. A thermometer ($15 at Target) is also a must-have. You can tell whether your turkey is done when the thigh registers 175°F and the breast registers 165°F.

Alternate methods to cook two turkeys

We already have a lot on our plate with Thanksgiving sides and desserts to prepare. It’s okay if you don’t want to use all your valuable oven space by cooking two turkeys. Our Test Kitchen advises trying a smoked turkey or a grilled turkey as a Thanksgiving alternative. For some, cooking turkey in the deep fryer ($80 at The Home Depot) is the way to go. Electric roasters may also be used to prepare coffee. Cooking extra turkey breasts instead of a whole additional bird is the way to go if you want a little whiter meat.

Two turkeys are on the menu and you have the opportunity to get creative with how you season and fill them. You might want to try a new turkey rub or brine. Not to mention, don’t forget to prepare additional stuffing and gravy of your favorite kind! The turkey may be frozen once you’ve eaten enough leftovers and pumpkin pie, so you can have Thanksgiving on a platter anytime the mood strikes.


In this brief guide, we answered the query, “Can I cook 2 turkeys at the same time?” and discussed steps to cook two turkeys in the oven at the same time.


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