Can I Boil Water In An Instant Pot?

In this short article, we will answer the question, “Can I boil water in an instant pot?” This article focuses on their ability to boil water and legit ways to bubble water in an instant pot. The adaptability of an instant pot makes it exceptional.

Can I Boil Water In An Instant Pot?

Yes, you can easily boil water in an instant pot. All you need to do is place a cup of water in the inner pot of the instant pot. Select the pressure settings to high and carefully close the lid. Once it is carefully set up, set the time for 4-6 minutes to boil the water.

How to boil water in an instant pot? 

  • Pour a cup of water in the instant pot and make sure you lock the valve
  • Turn on the instant pot and choose high pressure settings
  • Choose 5 minutes as your cooking time
  • Allow the pot to release the pressure before removing the lid

How Does An Instant Pot Work?

During cooking in a normal pot, steam constantly escapes into the air which decreases the pressure. But in instant pot steam is gathered inside the pot, this helps build the pressure. The pressure is the key to instant cooking.

When the steam can’t escape into the air the pressure inside the instant pot keeps increasing, this causes the pot to have extra heat. This is the whole mechanism behind the ability of these pots to instantly boil water or cook food for that matter.

That explains why you can use an instant pot for boiling water.

Steps To Boil Water In Instant Pot:

When you buy an instant pot the manual suggests boiling water in an instant pot before actually cooking food. So that you can become familiar with instant pot and familiarize yourself with the buttons on the front and understand.

Once you have done the water test, you will know how it works and how it will work the next time you decide to cook some chicken or a pasta dish. Boiling water is something you cannot ruin so it is a great practice round before actual cooking.

Step 1

Take approximately 2 cups of water. The exact amount doesn’t matter just make sure it’s higher than about a cup and a half.

Step 2

Remove the lid and pour the water into the inner liner. Replace the lid lock it and turn the top knob to seal the lid.

Step 3

On the front of your instant pot either press the manual pressure cook or steam button. Both will boil water. Adjust the timer to 2 minutes and that is all you have to do physically for boiling water.

What Happens Inside The Instant Pot?

The water is going to heat up and it’s going to start boiling. This will create steam, enough steam so that the pot becomes pressurized and seals. When it seals a pin on the top of your instant pot will pop up and that indicates that it has come to pressure and then it will cook for two minutes.

Display on the front of the instant pot will count down and when it gets to zero your instant pot will beep. Then turn the knob to quickly release the pressure.


A lot of hot steam will shoot out the top. So don’t ever put your hand over the top of it when the steam is releasing. When you’re turning the knob make sure your hand is not over the vent. Turn the knob safely from the side.

It will take probably a minute or two to fully release the steam and after that, it’s done you have successfully boiled water in an instant pot.

Benefits of Pressure Cooking

Instant pots are amazingly useful and give many benefits.

Faster cooking:

Pressure cooking is faster than regular cooking. It can be two to three times faster. They can cook porridge in three minutes a slow-cooked stew that would take hours in a slow cooker it just takes 20 minutes in an instant pot.

Preserves nutrients:

Pressure cooking also is a sealed environment and it locks in the flavor and the nutrients. Nutrients do not evaporate away they remain in the pot and the food.

Requires less energy:

The cooking not only requires less time but instant pot also uses less energy to cook food. With the instant pot, you’re saving about 70 to 90 percent energy with pressure cooking. That’s the equivalent of the savings between an incandescent and a fluorescent light bulb.


Modern-day pressure cookers are safe. They have multiple redundant safety mechanisms and they’re foolproof.  

Advanced Technology:

The electric pressure cooker is a real advancement in pressure cooking. They’re quiet and are automated. They have a digital system that regulates time and temperature. That means they can also be used as a slow cooker or a rice cooker or as any other appliance.


They’re multifunctional. Depending on the brands they can be used as

  • The rice cooker
  • Yogurt maker
  • Slow cooker
  • It could steam without pressure
  • It can sauté
  • Keep warm
  • It can pressure cook at two levels

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Instant pot replaces other appliances, saving you space, money, and energy. It’s like having a little sous chef you just tell it what to do and it does, giving you more time for other stuff. It has been perceived as one of the most incredible modern-day kitchen gadgets for preparing a variety of food, even just boiling water.