Can Hot Pockets go bad?

In this short article we will answer the question, “Can hot pockets go bad?” with an in-depth analysis of which type of hot pockets can get bad for consumption, how long can you leave it in a fridge, and What’s wrong with having hot pockets. 

Can hot pockets go bad?

No, they are safe to intake, as long as they are in a frozen state or not expired. When we have to buy them from a supermarket they are in frozen packs and marked with an expiration date.

So legally, they cannot be sold after the expiration date is passed and the expiration date is not related to the usability of the Hot Pockets, so they are safe to consume until and unless they are frozen and not expired. 

When hot pockets cannot be consumed?

If you notice a crust of ice on the outside of the frozen hot pocket, it means that the hot pocket has gone bad. Because at that point the freezer has burnt it. We just need to check the pockets, if they have a thick “salt-like” looking crust on the outside or not. Moreover, the defrosted hot pocket which is been outside of the fridge for more than 4 hours, can also be not good for consumption.

How long can we keep it in the fridge?

We do not need to even heat them if we store them in the fridge rather than the freezer. We just need to pop it out and enjoy it similarly as we have a sandwich. In this way, it can not even burn our mouth.

 The unfrozen hot pockets are safe to eat up to 3 or 4 days of being in a refrigerator. Because, once the food has been carefully cooked, and properly refrigerated, we can heat it for a small amount of time and still eat it. The only concern is that after heating doesn’t let it sit around for more than a few minutes before you intake it.

What’s wrong with the consumption of Hot Pockets?

The hot pockets are being evoked because of possible contamination with some harmful materials. These materials particularly contain pieces of glass and plastic. A well-known food company, Nestlé Prepared Foods, has found approximately 762615 pounds of hot pockets that contain the hazardous material that can damage the health condition of the human.  

People have adapted to the trend of microwave food mostly during the pandemic as between the Zoom meetings or online schooling, parents do not find enough time to prepare lunch for themselves or their children. 

So, if you are one of them who are using microwave meal are not alone. Hot pockets are one of the microwave/instant meals which we need to stop consuming as soon as possible because they do not have any nutritional value. 

When hot pockets have reached the superstores from the warehouse it still is used to sell or consumed, because hot pockets have a shelf life of 14 months, which means the products could be present for consumption in consumers’ freezers.

The actual problem was raised when Nestle received 4 complaints from different people and they stated that they found some extraneous material in their hot pocket. These materials also resulted in minor oral surgery for a few consumers.  

The FSIS has confidential the recall as “Class I,” level of hazard material for consumption, this is defined as a health hazard situation. This classification means that when a healthy person intakes such food there is a higher probability that the product will result in a very serious health problem or even death in the more extreme case.

In the end, I would recommend if some purchase one of the potentially contaminated boxes of Hot Pockets. They should either throw it away or return it. According to USDA, it is strongly urged to people consuming any product is extremely risky, no matter how tasty they are. 


In this short article, we have provided an answer to the question: Can hot pockets go bad? With an in-depth analysis of consumption of hot pockets, how they can store and what is wrong with the consumption of the hot pockets.


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