Can guinea pigs eat strawberries?

In this short article, we will answer the question “Can guinea pigs eat strawberries?” with an in-depth analysis of statements which are, do guinea pigs like strawberries, how many strawberries can guinea pigs eat as well as benefits of strawberries for guinea pigs.

Strawberries are one of the world’s yummiest and popular berries. They are known for their sweetness, color and, versatility. It is one of the human’s favorite fruit but what about pets, can they consume it just like us without any harm so let’s find it out today.

Can guinea pigs eat strawberries?

Yes, guinea pigs can eat strawberries and in fact, it’s considered a healthy snack for them.

Strawberries have a low amount of sugar as compared to other fruits. For example, comparing the sugar content of 100grams of strawberries and bananas show that the latter has more sugar content (17-18 g) than the former one (7-8 g).

Also, strawberries are a rich source of Vitamin C and help prevent diabetes and obesity.

So if you are planning to give your pig a sweet treat, strawberries can top the list.

Enriched with vitamin c:

If your guinea pig is suffering from vitamin C deficiency and you are thinking to eliminate it, strawberries can be the solution to this problem as they are an excellent source of vitamin C. Strawberries has abundant Vitamin C in them.

Scurvy is a disease, found in guinea pigs, that occurs due to deficiency of Vitamin C and since strawberries are abundant in Vitamin C, they can be used to treat and even prevent scurvy. So guinea pigs require a constant source of Vitamin C to enjoy a good life.

Regulating blood pressure:

Maintaining healthy blood pressure requires potassium. Potassium, a mineral found in many fruits and vegetables, is important in regulating blood pressure. Although strawberries are not the best source of potassium they still have enough to keep your guinea pig healthy.

Reduce inflammation and keep the heart healthy:

Strawberries are enriched with antioxidants which reduce any inflammation and discard any free radicals inside the body. Two important chemical compounds found in strawberries, anthocyanin, and quercetin, are known to reduce cholesterol levels. This promotes better cardiovascular health which in turn has a good impact on the guinea pig’s life.

Are strawberries bad for guinea pigs?

Strawberries contain natural sugar in them while giving this to your guinea pig you should not worry much about it because it’s the average amount of sugar a guinea pig body can tolerate. Strawberries also have calcium excess of which can lead to kidney stones. However, strawberries in moderation cause no harm to the guinea pigs.

So strawberries are not bad for guinea pigs and they are safe to be consumed by a guinea pig.


Do guinea pigs like strawberries?

In a recent study, guinea pig owners were asked a question of whether guinea pigs like strawberries or not. The result was surprising, about 69% of guinea pigs like strawberries while about 31% of guinea pigs don’t. So about two-thirds of the guinea pigs like strawberries and a third of them don’t.

However, If your guinea pig does not like strawberries, there is nothing to worry about as they still like the green top of the strawberry.

Always buy organic strawberries:

This is a very important concern while buying strawberries for yourself or your guinea pig because pesticides can be harmful so before giving your guinea pig the fruit you must thoroughly wash it with water. Another way to avoid pesticide residue is to buy organic strawberries which reduce the risk of pesticides used in the fruit. Organic foods are pesticide-free and are healthy.


As guinea pigs are prone to allergies and often strawberries are on the list of foods that can cause an allergic reaction, it’s important to check if your guinea pig is allergic to strawberries. The method to check for an allergic reaction is easy. Start by giving them a small nibble and check if there is any allergic reaction or change in the behavior. If you notice any change, then stop feeding this fruit to your guinea pig but if there are no reactions, you can safely go on feeding this fruit once a week.

How many strawberries can my guinea pig eat?

You should give your guinea pig strawberry once every week. They should not be used as a proper meal but more as a light snack or treat. You should properly slice up the strawberry in small pieces then serve it to your guinea pig because they should not take large chunks of food which can cause indigestion problems for the guinea pig.

The bottomline

Well, strawberries really can be great, outstanding snacks for your guinea pig. They prevent a lot of diseases and can promote overall great health. But always make sure of any allergies and never overfeed your guinea pigs with strawberries, give them in moderate amounts. 

Also eating not just strawberries but also their leaves and stems can be very beneficial for your pig.


In this article, we have answered the question “Can guinea pigs eat strawberries?” with an in-depth analysis of statements which are, do guinea pigs like strawberries, how many strawberries can guinea pigs eat as well as benefits of strawberries for guinea pigs.

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