Can Guinea Pigs Eat Raw Potatoes?

This brief article answers the question, “Can Guinea Pigs Eat Raw Potatoes?” with an in-depth analysis of raw potatoes, the nutritional composition of potatoes, harmful effects on guinea pigs’ health, tips to handle the situation in case your guinea pig ingests potato.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Raw Potatoes?

No, guinea pigs can’t eat raw or cooked potatoes. Potatoes are not a healthy choice for your guinea pig as they contain poisonous and toxic substances. These substances can negatively impact the health of guinea pigs.

Why Can’t Guinea Pigs Eat Potatoes?

Food that is safe for human consumption is not necessarily safe for pets as well. Although guinea pigs are herbivores, they feed on hay, grass, and plant-based food. But that does not mean they can eat all fruits and vegetables.

Potatoes are no exception as they contain materials that are toxic and unhealthy for your guinea pig. Whether potatoes are cooked or uncooked, they should not be fed to guinea pigs.

Alkaloids are present in potatoes which are harmful to guinea pigs. Additionally, potatoes contain simple as well as complex carbs. The digestive system of guinea pigs cannot handle all these carbs, therefore, leading to stomach issues.

Substances In Potatoes That Are Toxic To Guinea Pigs

Serving potatoes to our guinea pigs is a bad idea, as it can prompt numerous medical conditions. Here’s what happens:

Complications in the urinary tract

With developing age, the requirement for calcium diminishes in our guinea pigs. Calcium is required at first for the development of bones. Potato holds a lot of calcium which, whenever devoured in great amount, can cause urinary complexities to our guinea pigs like urinary stones, pain, and other complications

Alkaloids content

It produces alkaloids that are extremely harmful to our guinea pigs and possess serious harm to their wellbeing.

Fructose content

Potatoes additionally contain a considerable amount of fructose which, whenever taken in an inadequate amount can harm our guinea pigs.

What to Do If Your Guinea Pig Eats a Potato

There may be an incident where your guinea pig goes over a potato chip or a piece of potato that has fallen on the kitchen floor. Anyway, how would it be advisable for you to respond if your guinea pig swallows a potato of any sort?

To start with, you should watch out for them to check whether they foster any issues, like respiratory pressure and diarrhea. Eating a piece of potato does not imply that they will abruptly develop any serious health effects.

A small amount does not matter. But in case you see signs, nonetheless, contact your veterinarian immediately. The more regularly your guinea pig eats potatoes or they eat a lot of potatoes at one time, they are at high risk of developing medical issues.

But there is no need to panic because you see your guinea pig gets their paws on a potato. Under any condition, you are not sure how many potatoes your guinea pig ate, wait for a while and take them to the vet. But be careful not to leave potatoes around your guinea pig.

In case they ingest a large chunk of potato they could be at serious risk of getting ill with vomiting, lethargy, and in extreme cases death. When you encounter a situation where your guinea pig has eaten a potato just stay calm and focus on what needs to be done.

Make them drink water to remove the toxin through urination. Wait for a while and see if any signs develop. Take your guinea pig for a detailed examination if necessary.

Nutrient Composition Of Potatoes

Following nutrients are present in potatoes

Nutrient C

Vitamin C is likewise called ascorbic acid. It is found in different sorts of food and it is also sold in the form of a dietary supplement. Nutrient C likewise assists with supporting the immune system and assists with battling against different illnesses like scurvy.


Potassium is a particularly fundamental macronutrient needed by our body. Potassium additionally safeguards against numerous infections and prevents kidney stones and other renal issues.

The absence of potassium in the body can prompt numerous issues like fatigue, bloating, and constipation. Be that as it may, overconsumption of potassium is additionally not safe either. It leads to a condition called hyperkalemia and associated cardiac effects.

Dietary Fiber

Dietary fiber is discovered normally in plant-based items that can’t be processed by a human digestive system. Fiber gives many advantages to our body as it assists with controlling cholesterol levels, and shields our body from sicknesses like digestive system malignancy and cancer.


This brief article has answered the question, “Can Guinea Pigs Eat Raw Potatoes?” with an in-depth analysis of raw potatoes, the nutritional composition of potatoes, harmful effects on guinea pigs’ health, tips to handle the situation in which your guinea pig ingests potato.


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