Can Grape Jelly go bad?

In this short article, we will answer the question “ Can Grape Jelly go bad “ with an in-depth analysis of how long does grape jelly lasts either refrigerated or unrefrigerated, how to identify if the jam goes bad, and the best way to store it.

 Can grape jelly go bad?

Products prepared in industries or home expires or goes bad after their shelf life is completed or the product is not stored properly. Grape jelly can be consumed for a longer time if stored according to the instructions on labels but grape jelly goes bad if not stored properly. Jellies have a longer shelf life because they are made of fruit juices and sugar.

 There are certain conditions that affect the quality of jelly such as, Heat, moisture, and light. Jelly turns moldy when mold spores come in contact with jelly in jars. This may occur when jars are not properly sterilized and sealed after pouring the jelly. Unopened grape jelly in the pantry lasts for 1-2 years while in the refrigerator open jelly lasts for 6 months to 1 year.

How to identify when the grape jelly is bad?

 The best way to identify a spoiled jelly is by smelling and looking at it. If it develops odor, flavor, appearance or mold appears it should be discarded. In some cases liquid forms around or on top of the jelly.


The smell gets strange when jelly goes bad. The jam may smell like alcohol. The alcoholic smell in jelly shows the alcohol is bad, which means it is fermented.


Molds are pretty obvious when appearing on the surface. Jelly with molds should not be used and be discarded. Jelly can host mold-producing toxins which are dangerous to consume. Molds on jelly should not be scraped off and eaten rather the whole jar should be discarded.

Along with mold and yeast, organic growth also occurs in a jam which is easy to notice and helps to tell if jelly is bad.


Some jellies may change the color but still taste good and are safe to eat. Color might change to brown with time.

How to store Grape jelly to extend shelf life?

Preserved foods should be stored in a cool dry environment that is not susceptible to environmental changes. Temperature changes from warm to cool and cool to warm causes moisture in the air to condensate in a package, which further leads to mold growth inside jelly and its spoilage. In this case, refrigeration is recommended specifically when the seal of the jar is opened. Utensils used for serving jelly should be clean to avoid cross-contamination.

Does grape jelly go bad if not refrigerated? 

Most commercial brands have instructions on the label to keep the jar refrigerated after opening but it is not necessary because the water activity of jelly is 0.80 and their PH is around 3. Therefore, jellies do not have enough moisture to support bacteria and are too acidic even for themselves.

 Jars when stored in the refrigerator last for a much longer time compared with the ones stored in a pantry. Storage in the refrigerator helps to lower the rate of the mold production process. But it is necessary to cover the jars before storing the product in the refrigerator.

How long is grape jelly good once opened?

 Storage form  Duration 
Refrigerated 6 months
Un-refrigerated 30 days

Once opened jelly jar should be stored properly. If the jar is stored in the refrigerator it can be stored for 6 months, longer than the once stored in the pantry without a refrigerator.


Can expired grape jelly make you sick?

Whether the jam is opened or sealed, it can go bad. Consuming expired jams might cause stomach-related problems due to the presence of yeast and mold. Open jars are more prone to spoilage than sealed ones.

What is the storage temperature for grape jelly?

Home storage conditions for grape jelly is as follow:

The room temperature for pantry storage is 60 – 70 degrees F.

The refrigerator temperature for storage is 35 40 degrees F.

Can grape jelly be used after the expiration date?

Products made in industries will be marked with a date that signifies the length of time the manufacturer estimates you can expect maximum quality from that product. That doesn’t mean that an expired product is no longer good or safe to use, the product at that time may begin to change color, the flavor may not be as intense, and the texture may be somewhat altered and you may begin to see some liquid on the surface.

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In this article we have answered “can grape jelly go bad”  and in-depth analysis of who to increase the shelf life of grape jelly, how to identify if the jelly has gone bad. This shows processed foods when preserved and prepared in the sterilized and clean environment the shelf life will exceed.