Can gin go bad?


In this short article, we will answer the question that “Can gin go bad’’ with an in-depth analysis of gin, can gin go bad, how long does gin last as well as tips for how to store gin.

With an alcohol percentage of 35 gin is considered on of the most loved drink in the world and if anyone here is wondering how long does gin last let’s find it out.

We all know that liquors have a lengthy and good shelf life, but mostly we don’t know exactly how long that shelf life is which keeps the gin good for consumption.


Does gin go bad?

When you open a bottle of gin it’s unlikely that it will finish in one go so mostly we will store it for any future use in a kitchen cabinet for a while. 

As the high percentage of alcohol present in gin, its shelf life is indefinite and cant be properly decided whether it’s gone bad or not, but the thing is does it lose its quality? If an opened bottle is not properly stored in the right way then yes. Some people store it for gin to age better but it doesn’t age once bottled so there is certainly no point in storing it for this purpose.

How long does gin last?

Basically, the life of gin is indefinite as long as the bottle is unopened you can store it for years but once the bottle is opened all that matters is how you store that bottle of gin. After opening the bottle the process of oxidation starts and the taste, quality, and alcohol flavor start to change well how quickly this happens all depends on the way you store your favorite bottle of gin.

So if the opened bottle of gin is stored and sealed properly it can be used for an indefinite time period even if the bottle came with an expiry date it still is useable after that date if only sealed in a proper manner. So it’s better to finish your bottle of gin within a year.

How to tell if gin has gone bad?

If you have stored a gin bottle which is sitting there for more than a year it’s better to check it before consuming it or serving it to your guests. Here are some tips to if gin has gone bad

 ·         Taste and smell :

First of all, pour some gin from the bottle into the glass and smell it if it smells good and normal you are good to go, and consuming it won’t do any harm but if it’s the opposite regarding taste and smell you should dispose of it off.

If you find the taste and smell not that bad and think it can be consumed try mixing it with classic gin and tonic after that try it for a better taste but don’t have high hopes for the same quality once it was when you used it for the first time. So now you know why sealing the bottle of gin properly is so important.

·        Impurity check:

When you open a long-stored bottle of gin from your cabinet you should definitely check for any particles in the gin they shouldn’t be there but if you find them you should discard them and not use them for your own safety purpose. Gin has a long shelf life even after opening it but if not sealed properly it can be spoiled.

Tips to store and enhance gin life:

Storing in an airtight bottle :

It is a known fact that the alcohol evaporates fast than water hence making it weak as time passes by so sealing it in an air-tight bottle is the best way to contain it and enhance the life of an open bottle of gin.

Keep it in a cool and darkish place:

Heat is proven to hurry up the oxidation process in liquors, so is the sunlight.

As sunlight degrades the chemical additives with the alcohol. So that is why it is recommended to store liquors in a darkish place without any direct sunlight contact and without having to worry about their quality degenerated.

Pour the gin into smaller bottles:

Storing gin in small bottles instead of one helps slow down the process of oxidation as you all know that air fastens up this process so in this case, it would be suitable for gin to be stored in airtight small bottles if you are considering storing it for a long period of time to maintain its quality taste and smell and later enjoy in your yummy cocktails.

 Always keep your bottle upright:

After consuming gin and if you still have some remaining in the bottle and the bottle has a cork lid with no exception you should always assure that it’s upright, except wine all the alcohols must be stored upright. It is because the cork lid can handle the alcohol percentage in wines only but not in their hard liquors.


In clear words, gin doesn’t really go bad but the quality of the gin starts to degenerate once the bottle of gin is opened but still the quality and taste can be retained by properly sealing the bottle after using it which can make the life of gin much longer than expected.

In this short article, we will answer the question that “Can gin go bad’’ with an in-depth analysis of gin can gin go bad, how long does gin last as well as tips for how to store gin.


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