Can garlic cause gas?

In this short article we will answer the question, “Can garlic cause gas?” with an in-depth analysis of garlic such as reasons of why it cause gas, the medical treatment and prevention of gas issue by garlic, and home remedies to overcome the gastric issue caused by garlic.

Can garlic cause gas?

Yes, Garlic is one of the sources which cause gas in people who consume it. Garlic is a food that people in the entire world use in a vast variety of cooking. Moreover, it can cause excess gas as well. In rare cases, a person may be intolerant to garlic and that can be the cause of bloating or gas.

Why does Garlic cause gas?

Many healthy foods are also responsible for causing gastric problems because of the last amount of fiber present in them. Substances like carbohydrates or fiber are difficult to break down while our digestive system is trying to digest them, so they ultimately pass into the large intestines. So when this undigested food reaches the digestive tract, bacteria take over and result in intestinal gas.

Although garlic has very less amount fiber and carbohydrates. However, it contains starches that are hard to digest by the human body. These starches are moved from the stomach to the small intestines and then moved into the large intestines.

 In the large intestine, bacteria can start breaking down the undigested parts of the garlic. When the bacteria break down the starches from the garlic, they create a byproduct in the form of gas. This gas is mostly in the form of hydrogen and carbon dioxide.

Medical Treatment for the gastric issue: 

There are over-the-counter medicines available in vast amounts for gas treatment. The medications contain simethicone or charcoal. According to the American College of Gastroenterology, there is a slight indication that these pills efficiently lessen gas. Doctor recommendation is always advised before consuming any medicine for gas control.


While you can avoid foods containing garlic or take an over-the-counter medication known to reduce intestinal gas, it is also recommended that you should also avoid foods that are high in fiber. Because such food can result in the production of gas. 

Other than that, eating more slowly results in less air being swallowed during meals. As a result of this, it can decrease the amount of gas in the digestive tract. Moreover, there is a certain type of exercise that can help in the reduction of gas and subsequent flatulence in some people. 

How to avoid getting gassy by garlic:

Garlic is also one of the sources of fructan. To avoid getting gassy, it is often recommended that cook chunks of garlic in olive oil in a frypan over low heat. Once they are fried, then discard the garlic. The oil becomes infused with great garlicky flavor which is considered perfect for cooking savory dishes. The most potential benefit of this will be that it will not cause gas.

Home remedies for gas:

Home remedies for gas are very much effective in dealing with gastric conditions. One should adopt the natural methods for treating any problem which is related to the stomach so that you can avoid any medicine

Following are few home remedies that you can use for relief of gas trap in the stomach.

Apple cider vinegar:

Apple cider vinegar offers very efficient recovery from many ailments, especially problems that are related to the digestive system. Add a teaspoon of apple cider to a glass of warm water to get instant relief.


Turmeric helps the liver to function well and adjusts bile movement. Thus, improving digestion.


Ginger is also very effective in getting rid of gas. We can either eat it raw or add a limited piece into boiling water or tea. Sprinkling a small amount of food is also very effective to prevent stomach-related problems.

Fenugreek seeds:

Fenugreek seeds not only relieve gas and heartburn, but it is also responsible in strengthens the digestion process. 

Chamomile tea:

Chamomile tea is the perfect home remedy for digestive problems. The herb benefits relieve intestinal gas, diarrhea, chronic heartburn, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, and motion sickness. Drink two to three cups in a day for better results.


Lemon can be used in numerous ways. Drinking lemon water or lemon tea is one of the most effective ways to get relief from gastric trouble. Similarly, if you add a pinch of black salt, cumin powder, Ajwain to lemon it will immediately resolve the gastric troubles. 

Lastly, its recommended to avoid foods that worsen gas. Those with indigestion problems should avoid consumption of fried and processed foods, wheat products, milk and high-fat foods, beans, brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, onions, apples, corn, oats, potatoes, pears, prunes, and peaches.

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In this short article, we have provided an answer to the question, “Can garlic cause gas”? With an in-depth analysis of garlic such as how it can cause gas. Medication and prevention of gas by eating garlic and home remedies for the garlic.


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