Can frozen pizza go bad?

In this short article, we will answer the question “Can frozen pizza go bad” with an in-depth analysis of how long frozen pizza lasts, what can make frozen pizza last, how to store pizza and can you eat frozen pizza after it expires.

Can frozen pizza go bad or expire?

Frozen pizza goes bad or expires after 12–18 months of purchase. There are several factors that destroy the quality of the pizza. Frozen foods are known to have a longer shelf life and have enhanced flavor and texture. If frozen products are not stored properly they may expire or go bad before time. It is difficult to determine how long does the pizza will last, as information is not given at hand but several factors help to identify whether it is still good to eat or not.

What Can Make Frozen Pizza Go Bad?

Even though frozen pizza can last for quite some time if it is stored properly and under the right conditions, you should probably discard it if you see the sign that pizza is dried out this is because of freezer burn this can happen due to incorrect storage or storing it for a very long period, but you should discard the pizza if you notice any of these signs.

      Bad Odor:

If you sense a strange smell from the container where pizza is stored chances your pizza has expired and it’s not eatable.


 If you see green spots growing on the pizza it is the easiest way to find out that something is wrong with the pizza that is mold growing on it which can make a frozen pizza bad. 


Depending on your pizza’s toppings, you may be able to detect an element of spoilage on your frozen pizza through slime. 

How long does frozen pizza last?

It’s a proven fact that frozen food can extend the life of our favorite foods so we can enjoy them later when we want or need them, but frozen food has a time when we can safely use them without any health concern which should also be kept in mind while eating them. It should not be neglected that expire frozen pizza can cause several health problems such as food poisoning.

The life span of leftover pizza depends on a variety of different factors, including the sell-by date, preparation, and storage method, typically homemade pizza last for around 4-6 months while pizza bought from a store and a takeout lasts for approximately 12-18 months but for the freshness with passing time using after this period the quality may deteriorate. The rule of thumb is that frozen pizza will last and maintain its good quality within 18 months and after that, it will go bad or expire.

How to store pizza? 

There are certain ways through which the pizza can be stored and these simple ways can not only keep the pizza quality maintained but also the freshness.


The temperature is the massive factor that how pizza should be stored or kept. According to the U.S Food and authority, frozen food is always kept clean and at 0 degrees which makes the food for longer use if the packaging is intact and not broken from any place.

While frozen food does not kill off bacteria, it stops it from growing whilst stored at the correct temperature and therefore minimizes any risk of food poisoning or illness. Just be sure at what temperature your freezer you must buy a thermometer and weekly take the readings this will make sure that it’s working fine and by this ensuring that frozen pizza lasts longer.


In this case, if the pizza is bought already a packed one from the market it will be properly packed and you don’t have to worry about that but if the pizza is homemade you should think about some measures like storing it in an airtight container properly sealed.

This ensures that there is little room for bacteria to accumulate when opening and closing it as well as it is also a good way to save the pizza from the freezer burn which also affects its quality.

Can you eat frozen pizza after it expires?

It is considered that it is safe to consume frozen foods even after their expired date. If the pizza quality is not affected even after the expired date, it is safe to consume and it is highly unlikely that you may get sick.  Expired products get slimy and have molds on a surface in such case the pizza should be discarded.


In this short article, we have answered the question “ Can Frozen pizza go bad?” with an in-depth analysis of how long frozen pizza lasts, what can make frozen pizza last, how to store pizza and can you eat frozen pizza after it expires.


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