Can formula go in the fridge?

In this brief text we will provide the answer to the query: “Can formula go in the fridge?”. In addition, we will explain how to prepare the formula for later use and how to know that the formula is no longer good. In addition, we will discuss what precautions you should take when preparing the formula.

Can formula go in the fridge?

Yes, if you have just made the formula you can keep it in the fridge for approximately 24 hours without any problem. In addition, containers of pre-concentrated formula and ready-made industrial formulas can be left open in the fridge for up to 48 hours without any problem. Remember to keep the formula always covered in the fridge, to avoid catching smells.

After you have cooled the formula to the proper temperature, you can no longer reuse the freshly prepared infant formula from the powder. Cool the bottle to body temperature by quickly placing it in cold water or a container of ice. Check that everything is in order by putting a few drops of the formula on the inside of the wrist.

Some infant formula cannot be made with water at more than 70 degrees because of compounds that are sensitive to heat. You should consult and follow your healthcare professional’s advice before using them.

How do I prepare the formula for later use?

Follow label directions to prepare powdered infant formula. It should be placed in individual sterilized bottles, quickly cooled under running water and kept refrigerated at a temperature of 4°C or below until ready. Use any prepared formula within 24 hours.

When the formula is ready for consumption, reheat it and place it in a bottle or hot water for up to 15 minutes until it is close to body temperature. Do not use the microwave oven, as it does not heat the formula completely and can create overheating zones that can burn your baby’s mouth. If you are going to use it, pay close attention and use a glass vessel to heat the milk or water.

Once you’ve reheated the powdered infant formula, feed your child right away. The bottle must be used within 2 hours. All leftovers must be thrown away. Finally, do not refrigerate and reuse the reheated formula.

How to know that the formula is no longer good?

Normally, baby formula can lose its natural color, become hard and have a strange smell. Noticing something wrong does not risk it, as it can be dangerous for the baby’s health. Also watch out for mold, which can appear inside the can if it hasn’t been closed properly. In any of these cases, don’t risk it, discard it!

Should I use bottled water with the formula?

You do not need to use bottled water with your baby formula unless there is a problem with the water supply. Check with your healthcare professional and your local water company if you have any questions. After they are six months old, babies also need fluoride. Bottled water may not contain this, and your water supply may or may not have adequate amounts.

What precautions should I take when preparing the formula?

According to the CDC, you should keep the spaces where you prepare your baby’s formula clean. Proper sterilization is very important to avoid the risk of microbial contamination and spoilage of milk or formula. 

Clean and disinfect surfaces where you put formula and bottle and other products that will come into contact with your baby. Always wash your hands with soap and water before preparing any food that your child will eat.

Once the bottle of formula is prepared, it is recommended to use it immediately or store it properly. We recommend using it within the first two hours after preparation, as the prepared formula can spoil if left for more than two hours at room temperature. 

Also, from the moment you start feeding your baby, this milk should only be used for one hour. The combination of saliva and milk can favor the production of bacteria, so it’s best to use it within that period or discard it if your baby hasn’t finished. 

It is important to note that if you decide to use the bottle after preparation, the formula should be kept in a cool, closed place and away from vehicles, garages or outdoor spaces.


In this brief text we provided the answer to the query: “Can formula go in the fridge?”. In addition, we explained how to prepare the formula for later use and how to know that the formula is no longer good. In addition, we discussed what precautions you should take when preparing the formula.


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