Can fondant decorations go in the fridge?

In this brief text we will provide the answer to the question: “Can fondant decorations go in the fridge?”. In addition, we will explain how to apply the fondant decorations and what are the essential materials for working with fondant.

Can fondant decorations go in the fridge?

Fondant decorations must avoid any contact with the refrigerator as it must be stored in an airtight and moisture-free environment so that it does not lose its characteristics. Also, to cover the cake with the fondant, all the fillings and the cake must be at room temperature, since the cold in contact with the fondant can change its characteristics.

The fondant is extremely sensitive to moisture and cannot go in the fridge, much less can it be applied to icy or desiccated surfaces such as sour cream, pastry cream, chantilly and very soft candies.

Because of this, the best place to store fondant is in a controlled humidity environment, away from sunlight and out of the fridge, as fondant is very sensitive to humidity and cold. Prefer hermetically sealed pots and preferably inside a plastic bag.

How to apply the fondant decorations?

The fondant should be opened on a marble surface or thick plastic sprinkled with cornstarch. Use a plastic roller just for this purpose and make sure the paste is not sticking to the surface as it is being opened. Smooth it out well before and after placing it on the cake.

If you don’t have much practice with the fondant, start by covering fake Styrofoam cakes. Just open the paste, apply a layer of vegetable fat on the styrofoam and cover the cake. Repeat this process as many times as you like, until you feel safe to cover a real cake. To ensure the cake is even, try to roll out all the dough to the same thickness.

Remembering that fondant can be used not only in cakes and cupcakes, but also in decorated cookies. Following these tips you will be ready to make your cakes and cupcakes even more beautiful!

What are the essential materials for working with fondant?

To be successful in finishing with this material, learn about the five tools that cannot be missing for decoration in fondant. Follow this article and prepare your itens.


The rolling pin will be your great ally in the kitchen, alongside the leveling rulers since it is essential to open any amount of dough, whether to cover a cake completely or just to create small pieces of ornamentation, as it contributes to the uniformity of the fondant, leaving it smooth.

Leveling Rulers

Understand that roller and leveling rulers must work together and are critical to producing smaller jobs such as gingerbread decorations, decorated lollipops and appliqués. This pairing will ensure that one side of the dough is not thicker than the other, giving your work uniformity.

The different heights of rulers available on the market allow you to have even more creative freedom. For example, look at the cake on the side and notice that each decoration element has a different thickness.


You will need at least one straightener to compose your material kit. This tool is used, as the name implies, to smooth the dough already applied to the cake and remove any unwanted waves, ensuring a flawless finish.

There are also specific straighteners to finish the corners of the cake. You can choose if you want to make a straight corner, or if you prefer a rounded effect.


Cutters in different shapes will save you more time during production. There are many types of cutters on the market, so pay attention to the material, especially if it is non-toxic. This is very important, since with these tools you will handle the fondant, whose final consumption is food.

Here are some tips for anyone working with fondant.

Be aware of trends: Keep an eye on trends: objects, animals, fashion figures, cartoons, characters and internet symbols are often good ways to invest.

Have geometric cutters: since you can’t have them all at once, invest initially at least in geometric shapes, because from them it is already possible to make many appliqués.


Completing the kit of five essential materials to get started in the fondant are the stakes. With a set of stakes you can complete the finishing of many pieces. The variety of stakes available is also immense, so assess which ones would be most necessary for you initially.


In this brief text we provided the answer to the question: “Can fondant decorations go in the fridge?”. In addition, we explained how to apply the fondant decorations and what are the essential materials for working with fondant.


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