Can fish eat potatoes?

In this brief guide, We will address the query, “can fish eat potatoes?”  We will also discuss ways to feed potatoes to fish, their benefits, drawbacks, and feeding frequency.

Can fish eat potatoes?

Yes, fish can eat potatoes, but not all aquarium fish are known to do so. However, feeding potatoes to your fish is not a bad idea as they provide a source of carbohydrates for your fish.

  • Some fish, such as carp and catfish, are known for eating potatoes.
  • Some strictly carnivorous fish may not eat potatoes because they prefer only meat in their diet.
  • Omnivorous fish can eat vegetables and meat in their diet, so they can also eat potatoes.

How do you feed potatoes to your fish?

Before feeding potatoes to your fish, you should follow some basic steps to ensure they are a safe food choice. Feeding raw potatoes may not be desirable for your fish.

  • Never feed potatoes that have not been cleaned or washed to your fish because they may contain harmful chemicals. Always rinse well before feeding your fish.
  • Fish cannot digest raw potatoes, so boil them before feeding the fish.
  • Never feed your fish large chunks of potatoes, always mash them up before feeding your fish.
  • If you want to keep your fish healthy, avoid feeding them spicy and fried potatoes. These foods can upset their digestive system.
  • Do not feed hot potatoes directly to your fish. Cool them before feeding to your fish.
  • Feeding potato peeling to fish can provide them with vital nutrients.

Can potatoes be given to fish regularly?

It is generally not a good idea to feed potatoes or other vegetables to fish regularly, as fish mainly prefer meat in their diet and may not get the nutritional benefits they need from this type of food.

Feeding potatoes to the fish once or twice a week should be fine. If you run out of fish food and potatoes are the only way to feed your fish, it’s a good idea to switch their diet to a variety of foods, but make sure you don’t feed potatoes regularly as they need food specially designed for them for their growth and development.

How many times a day can you feed potatoes to your fish?

If you have a juvenile fish, they can be fed potatoes three times a day on average, twice a week. If you have an adult fish, they should be fed twice a week, two times a day.

Some fish have a small stomach and can be difficult to digest if fed more than necessary. Some greedy fish can eat a lot and develop obesity, swim bladder disease, and constipation.

Overfeeding or underfeeding a fish can be harmful because overfeeding can make them overweight, and underfeeding can make them weak. Weakened fish become susceptible to various infections and can eventually lead to death.

  • Juvenile or your fish – thrice a day ( twice a week)
  • Adult or mature fish- twice a day (twice a week)

What are the benefits of potatoes for fish?

There are many benefits to feeding potatoes to fish. Here are some important benefits listed:

  • Potatoes are a good source of omega-3 fatty acids, which are important for your fish brain.
  • Potatoes are a great snack for fish that occupy the lower levels of the tank.
  • Potatoes are a good source of nutrients for pregnant fish, which is important for their developing fry.
  • Boiled potatoes can be stored in the freezer to feed your fish during the next feeding. 

Are spikes in ammonia levels in fish tanks due to overfeeding?

If you are adding a lot of potato chunks to your fish tank, it’s likely that some of them will go uneaten by the fish and will get accumulated at the bottom of the tank. If not removed from the tank, the ammonia levels in the tank will rise and the tank may be contaminated.

Tanks with high ammonia levels can harm fish and make them more susceptible to infections, such as gill burns and shredded fins. It is therefore vital to remove leftovers regularly to avoid ammonia spikes.

  • Avoid overfeeding and underfeeding.
  • Remove uneaten food regularly.
  • Check water parameters regularly.

Can you easily train your fish to eat potatoes?

Yes, fish are intelligent creatures and can be trained easily to eat potatoes or other food items. They are quick to learn and understand what you teach them.

If your fish likes to eat potatoes, they will quickly come up to eat them, but they will refuse to eat them if they don’t like them.


In this brief guide, We addressed the query, “Can fish eat potatoes?”  We also discussed ways to feed potatoes to fish, their benefits, drawbacks, and feeding frequency.

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