Can fish eat poop?

In this brief guide, We will address the query, “can fish eat poop?” We will also discuss why it is such a problem in fish tanks. We will also suggest ways to prevent your fish from pooping too much. It also explains how to take care of your aquarium with fish droppings.

Can fish eat poop?

There is no evidence that fish droppings are a significant food source for fish. There is no evidence that fish will eat each other’s feces or poop in aquariums or in the wild.

Fish are naturally curious and might investigate anything in their surroundings, including looking at poo to see if it might be a good food source. The fact is fish do not eat poop, and they don’t get any nutritional benefits from eating it.

Few fish keepers have this misconception that fish eat each other’s poop,  so they add some fish to their aquarium to eat their fish poop to keep the aquarium clean.

Some fish keepers put catfish like pleco in their fish aquarium because they are known to eat algae in their aquarium. 

Plecos eat algae, but they don’t eat other fish’s poop. It is a big misunderstanding among fish keepers who add more bioburden by adding plecos to the tank.

In the wild, fish may have to hunt for food, but in aquariums, fish are provided with plenty of food and are dependent on their owners for sustenance. There is no way for fish to feed on poop in aquarium settings.

There is debate amongst fishkeeping enthusiasts as to whether or not different catfish species will eat fecal matter from other fish in an aquarium. It is because fish do not typically eat each other’s poop.

Why is fish droppings or poop a big problem in the fish aquarium?

Many fish species are known for being greedy eaters, and they eat and poop all the time in an aquarium. 

Fish poop can contain ammonia, and if it accumulates in water in a fish tank, it can lead to higher ammonia levels and make the tank water unsafe for fish and other creatures to live in it.

If there is more poop in the fish tank, it means there are more levels of ammonia present, which is not a good sign. The water parameters can be altered by fish feces, making it difficult for less hardy fish to survive.

How can you avoid fish pooping so much?

Don’t overfeed your fish

One reason that fish poop frequently is that they are overfed. Don’t give your fish too much food. If you give your fish too much food, they will eventually produce a lot of waste. Reducing overfeeding is the key to solving many fish problems.

Don’t feed your fish anything that would make them poop. Make sure to give your fish a balanced diet, and don’t overfeed them.

What do you do if you have a tank with fish poop?

There are many ways to deal with fish poop, some of which are listed below:

Cleaning and maintaining your tank is important to keep your fish healthy

Regular cleaning and maintenance of your fish tank are essential to keeping your fish healthy. It is important to clean the fish tank regularly to remove waste manually or through a bio cleaner. It helps reduce the levels of ammonia and other organic pollutants.

An efficient filtration system is important for a healthy fish tank.

Effective filter systems are essential to keeping a healthy fish tank. They can remove chemical and biological pollutants from the water, helping keep the level of ammonia and other waste in check.

Gravel siphon to clean the substrate

If you have bottom-dwelling fish, you’ll need a substrate to keep them happy and healthy. It can be a bit of a hassle to clean, so be prepared to do it often. 

You can use a gravel siphon to clean the substrate with waste like poop without disturbing the beneficial bacteria living in the fish tank.

Perform water changes according to fish poop frequency

Change the water in your fish tank based on how frequently your fish is pooping and producing waste. If it poops a lot, you need to do frequent water changes.

Adding species that are pro at eating fish waste

Instead of fish, you can add different types of snails and some crustaceans like shrimp to your fish tank to help keep it clean from all the accumulated waste. These species are known for feeding on fish waste.


In this brief guide, We addressed the query, “can fish eat poop?” We also discussed why it is such a problem in fish tanks. We also suggested ways to prevent your fish from pooping too much. It also explained how to take care of your aquarium with fish droppings.

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