Can eggs go bad in the fridge?

In this brief text we will provide the answer to the question: “Can eggs go bad in the fridge?”. In addition, we will discuss how long you can keep the eggs in the fridge and how to choose good eggs when buying.

Can eggs go bad in the fridge?

Yes, eggs can go bad even if they are in the fridge. Eggs have an expiration date and you should pay attention to it as normally eggs are no longer suitable for consumption after 8 weeks.

The ideal is to store the eggs in the fridge since indoors, it is difficult to get the temperature control not to exceed 25 degrees, especially during the summer. However, even if you keep the egg in the fridge, it should not be stored anywhere. Here are some cooling tips:

  • Store the eggs in compartments where the temperature does not fluctuate. So, keep it away from the refrigerator door
  • So as not to damage the natural protective film present on the shell, remove the eggs from the original packaging and transfer them to a new container, preferably closed
  • Store eggs in the refrigerator away from other raw foods to avoid contamination or unwanted odors

How long can you keep the eggs in the fridge?

Generally speaking, the ingredient lasts up to 60 days in the refrigerator. This period is counted from the day of laying (when the hen lays the egg). However, outside the refrigerator, without adequate refrigeration, the shelf life may vary, especially on warmer days. When the temperature is cooler, out of the fridge, egg whites can last up to 30 days, while red eggs can last up to 25.

In any case, it is important that you observe other characteristics that guarantee that the egg is fit for consumption, such as the odor of the ingredient – ​​which cannot be strong! -, in addition to the appearance of the shell, which must be intact, without cracks or stains.

If you have doubts about the shelf life of the egg, remember that this information is present on the packaging. Never forget to check the expiration date! A good tip is to write down this expiration date on a label and put it in the place where you will store the eggs in the fridge, to avoid forgetting and have no doubts.

How to choose good eggs when buying?

To choose good eggs at the time of purchase, you should check the condition of the packaging, the smell and that the eggs do not have any cracks or defects.

Check that the shell is not broken or cracked: eggs in this situation have a high chance of being infected with bacteria harmful to human health;

Check the smell: spoiled products usually show signs of bad condition immediately through the bad smell;

Note the packaging conditions: what you see on the outside can say a lot about how the product may look on the inside. If the packaging is paper, check for mold or mildew. If it’s plastic, it shouldn’t have water vapor inside.

These are some signs of the egg’s expiration date and that it may be in bad condition, so you shouldn’t buy it. Some eggs can reach the customer’s hand in this situation due to the long transport of the cargo, inadequate storage location or lack of attention from the place of sale.

If you’ve already bought your eggs and want to know if they’re good enough before you cook them, there’s a simple test you can do at home. Fill a bowl with water and put the egg inside, if it sinks it’s because it’s good, if it floats it’s bad, throw it away or open it if you want to be sure.

Do eggs in the fridge keep their characteristics firm longer?

Yes, eggs kept in the fridge keep their characteristics firm for longer. When the egg is nearing the end of its lifespan, it starts to become less firm in the white and yolk, and breaks easily. When you leave it in the fridge, it takes longer for this to happen, and your eggs stay “fresh” longer.

That is, if you are going to use the egg carton quickly, it seems like a good idea to keep the eggs out of the fridge anyway. If you are going to take a while to use all the eggs, or you don’t know when you will use them, prefer to leave the box in the fridge. If the egg you bought is already close to the expiration date on the package, store it in the fridge anyway.


In this brief text we provided the answer to the question: “Can eggs go bad in the fridge?”. In addition, we discussed how long you can keep the eggs in the fridge and how to choose good eggs when buying.


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