Can dogs eat scampi?

In this article, we will answer the query, “Can dogs eat scampi?” along with some other questions Is scampi safe for your dog? And can dogs eat shrimp tails and shellfish?

Can dogs eat scampi?

Yes, dogs can eat scampi. It is safe for your dog. Some scampi recipes have garlic in them, which could be a problem for your dog. 

However, it is nutritious, tasty, and edible for your dog. Make sure to avoid the ingredients that are toxic for your dog. It is sometimes referred to as shrimp or prawns.

Is scampi safe for your dog?

Yes, scampi is safe for your dog. Following are the reasons why you should feed scampi to your dog:

Low in fat and carbohydrates

Scampi or shrimp is low in fat and carbohydrates, which has a very beneficial effect on your dog. It is a big concern of dog owners that their dog’s body weight increases when they feed seafood to them. 

The concerned dog owners will be happy to know that scampi has low fat and carbohydrate content; it is so dense in other nutrients, which makes him the alternative to many dog foods.

It is important to note that each scampi has only seven calories. You can feed a small amount of scampi with your dog food on a daily basis without worrying about unhealthy weight gain.


Scampi has many vitamins like vitamin B3 (niacin) and vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin). Vitamin B12 is important for metabolism in the body. It is important to note that vitamin B12 is involved in fat metabolism. Fats are a good source of energy.

Vitamin B3, or niacin, is also involved in many processes in the body. It is involved in chemical signaling, blood circulation, fat production, and proper enzyme action. 

Scampi tastes good

Do you wonder what is the benefit of good taste? It has an advantage for you. Now you can feed your dog scampi along with other foods your dog does not like normally. It tastes good, so your dog can have a low-fat, high-protein diet on a regular basis. 

It will help your dog to build up muscles and strength. It will also give your dog energy to enjoy and live a healthy life.

High in protein

Scampi is high in protein which can be very beneficial for your dog. Your dogs need protein for muscle strength, bone strength, and organ strength. Consuming adequate amounts of protein on a daily basis will give your dog the energy to sustain and enjoy life.


One of the important minerals, in this case, is phosphorus. Phosphorus is required for healthy bones. Balanced calcium to phosphorus ratio adds to the mineral balancing of bones. 

Phosphorus is also required for ATP generation. ATP is an energy molecule that gives energy to all the cellular processes in the body.

What are the health risks of feeding scampi to your dog?

There are a few risks of not properly feeding scampi to your dog. Following are the risks of feeding scampi to your dog:

Low in carbohydrates

Scampi is low in carbohydrates which makes it a little difficult to fulfill the entire carbohydrates requirement from scampi. Scampi doesn’t have the necessary quantity of carbohydrates that are required, so you have to feed other sources of carbohydrates with scampi to fulfill the requirement of carbohydrates.


You shouldn’t feed raw scampi to your dog. It is very important to note that because it has the notorious pathogen in it, which is salmonella. 

Salmonella is the cause of enteric diseases in dogs, and it can prove deadly for your dog. If your dog accidentally consumes raw scampi, then you have to monitor your dog for any abnormal signs. Following are the signs of infection:

  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Abdominal pain
  • Loss of appetite
  • Weight loss

If you observe any kind of signs, you should immediately visit your vet. He knows what to do in this situation.

So far, we have discussed beneficial and potential risks of eating scampi. Now let’s dive into the details of can dogs eat scampi tails and shellfish?

Can dogs eat scampi tails and shellfish?

No, your dog should not eat shrimp shells and tails. There are two reasons why your dog should not eat shrimp tail and shell:

First, it is not easy to chew. It could get stuck in the esophagus and intestine, which can cause choking in your dog. 

The second reason is it got stuck in the intestine and caused an obstruction, which could be painful. It could also get stuck in teeth and cause irritation which can be a continuous problem for your dog.

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In this article, we answered the query, “Can dogs eat scampi?” We also discussed what are the beneficial and harmful effects of eating scampi? And can dogs eat shrimp tails and shells?