Can dogs eat red onion?

In this brief discussion, we’ll answer the question “can dogs eat red onions?” We will also talk about are red onions safe for dogs? Are red onions toxic for dogs? And how much red onion is toxic for dogs?

Can dogs eat red onion?

No, dogs cannot eat red onion. Onions are considered one of the most harmful foods for dogs because they can make dogs anemic. They contain an extremely toxic compound for dogs which leads to hemolysis of red blood cells. 

Not just that, ingesting onion can also cause a number of other complications including liver damage, dermatitis, and asthma attacks. Therefore it is advised to keep your furry friends away from onions.

Are red onions safe for dogs?

No, red onions are not safe for dogs. Red onions are one of the most common human foods. They are found in almost every food we eat but surprisingly they are incredibly dangerous for dogs. Eating red onions puts your dog at risk of anemia and liver damage. Therefore, it’s best to avoid them feeding red onions and be extra careful while providing them with any human food. 

Do red onions cause toxicity in dogs?

Yes, red onions are toxic for dogs. They contain a toxin known as N-propyl disulfide that causes oxidative damage to red blood cells in dogs. This compound prevents oxygen from binding to red blood cells which eventually leads to anemia. Moreover, it tricks the dog’s body into attacking red blood cells causing hemolysis in blood. This condition is known as hemolytic anemia.

Thiosulfate present in red onions makes digestion difficult for dogs. Moreover, organosulfur is also found in onions which can lead to toxicosis.

How much red onion is toxic for dogs?

Red onion is a highly toxic food for dogs. Even a small amount can cause toxicity in dogs. In general, 100 grams of onion per kilogram bodyweight of dogs is more than enough to cause serious health problems in dogs. 

Therefore, dog owners are advised to be extra careful while feeding them new foods or any human foods. And it is always wise to check the food labels before feeding any food to your dog.

So far we have discussed whether dogs can eat red onions and if they are safe for dogs if they can cause toxicity in dogs and how much red onion is toxic for dogs. Now let us discuss what part of red onions is toxic for dogs.

What parts of red onion are toxic for dogs?

All parts of red onion from flesh to leaves and juice including onion powder are toxic for dogs. No matter how dogs consume onions, it is harmful to them. Similarly, it doesn’t matter if the onion is raw or cooked, it can cause toxicity in dogs. 

Therefore, it is wise to avoid them and keep red onions or any food containing onions away from your dog. This will minimize the risk of swallowing red onions by your dog.

What are the symptoms of red onion toxicity in dogs?

It is well established that onions are dangerous for dogs. If your dog accidentally swallows onion or you suspect they might have ingested it while you weren’t paying attention, here are some signs you should look for:

  • They will become lethargic.
  • They will appear weak.
  • Their appetite will be affected. They will start to eat less or not at all.
  • Their gums can become pale.
  • They might faint.
  • Their urine will appear red in color.
  • Their heart rate will increase.
  • They might vomit.
  • They might develop diarrhea.
  • They will pant excessively.
  • They might experience abdominal pain.

Monitor your pet closely and if your dog shows any of the symptoms listed above, take them to the vet as soon as possible. 

How can you prevent red onion toxicity in dogs?

Red onion toxicity is a serious health concern in dogs. Even a small amount of red onion can be dangerous depending on your dog’s weight. Therefore, dog owners should be cautious about what they feed their dogs. In order to protect your dog from onion toxicity, you should follow the guidelines given below:

  • Keep all vegetables belonging to the allium family such as onion, garlic, and shallots out of your dogs reach.
  • It is best to avoid feeding them human foods as almost all human foods contain some amount of onion or onion powder.
  • Before feeding any processed item to your dog, check the food label and see if it contains onion powder. If the food item contains onion powder, do not feed it to your dog


We answered the question “Can dogs eat red onions?” We also talked about what are the symptoms of onion toxicity in dogs? And how can you prevent onion toxicity in dogs?


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