Can dogs eat rawhide?

In this brief discussion, we’ll answer the question “can dogs eat rawhide?” We will also talk about what is rawhide? Is rawhide bad for dogs? And can dogs digest rawhide?

Can dogs eat rawhide?

No, dogs cannot eat rawhide. Rawhide is made for the purpose of chewing, not eating. Chewing rawhide helps maintain your dog’s dental health and Satisfies their instinct to chew. But if your dog swallows it, it can cause some severe damage to your dog’s health.

Is rawhide bad for dogs?

Yes. Rawhide is bad for dogs. Rawhide does offer some benefits to your dog but unfortunately, the cons outweigh the pros. If your dog swallows rawhide, chances are he won’t be able to digest it. 

This can lead to intestinal obstructions and a few other health concerns. Other than that, even chewing rawhide is not truly safe as the risk of bacterial contamination is always there.

What is rawhide?

Rawhide is produced from the hide of animals, mainly cattle. It comes in several sizes from big to small, made to satisfy the chewing instinct of dogs. It offers several benefits including improved dental hygiene meaning clean teeth and healthy gums. Some rawhides even contain flavors that make them more appealing and enjoyable for dogs.

Can dogs digest rawhide?

No, rawhide is not digestible. Rawhide is highly processed and goes through a series of processes that makes them tough and durable. If your dog swallows it, it can cause intestinal blockage. This happens because it swells up once it reaches their stomach and its chemically treated tough surface is quite challenging to digest. This can raise many health concerns for your dog.

So far we have discussed whether dogs can eat rawhide as well as what rawhide is if it’s bad for dogs and if dogs can digest it. Now let us talk about the harmful effects of rawhide.

What are the harmful effects of rawhide?

Rawhide is believed to impact your dog’s health in a positive and healthy way. But this is a major misconception. If handled properly, rawhide might offer some benefits to your dog otherwise, it can put your dog at serious health risk. If swallowed, rawhide can harm your dog in the following ways:

  • It is not easily digested. It is a hard and highly processed substance meant to last long. Therefore if it is swallowed, it cannot be digested easily.
  • It can cause intestinal obstruction. When it reaches the dog’s stomach, it increases in size which causes discomfort to your dog. Moreover, it can block the intestine which can raise serious health concerns.
  • There is a very good chance that it will get contaminated with bacteria or other pathogens potentially harmful to dogs. In case this happens, your dog can become seriously ill.
  • If your dog bites a large chunk of rawhide, it can lead to choking which is harmful to dogs. Pieces of rawhide can get stuck in their gastrointestinal tract which can raise several health concerns.
  • It is made with many chemicals that might be harmful to your dog’s health.

What do you do if your dog swallows rawhide?

Rawhide is a highly processed substance made from cattle skin. Dogs love to chew on rawhide because it fulfills their natural instinct.  Sometimes your dog may swallow a piece of rawhide while chewing. In case this happens, here are a few things you can do to ensure your dog’s safety: 

  •  List of all,  examine your dog’s mouth and airway and check if there is a piece of stuck rawhide. 
  • If you find any piece of rawhide lodged in their mouth, try to remove it with your fingers. In case it is deep down their throat, perform a canine Heimlich maneuver by gripping them around their abdomen and squeezing just below their ribcage.
  • Remove any pieces of rawhide lying around to avoid this from happening in the future.
  • Contact your vet. Make them aware of the situation and follow their advice.
  • If the vet advises you to wait and monitor your dog,  observe your pet patiently and look for signs of breathing difficulty, diarrhea, pain, panic, or weakness.
  • If your pet shows any unusual signs or symptoms, take them to the vet as soon as possible.

Is rawhide recommended for dogs?

No, rawhide is not recommended. It is heavily treated with chemicals that are harmful to your dog. Moreover, it’s tough texture makes it hard to digest which can cause intestinal distress in your dog. 

Rawhide can also get easily contaminated which puts your pet at risk of serious health issues. Therefore, it is best to keep your dog away from rawhide as it offers no nutritional benefits and puts your dog’s health at risk.


We answered the question “Can dogs eat rawhide?” We also talked about what to do if your dog swallows rawhide? And is rawhide recommended for dogs?

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