​​Can dogs eat peanuts?

In this short blog, we will discuss the question “Can dogs eat a peanut?”. In this post we will also talk about the benefits of using seeds such as peanuts for dog food, in addition to the conditions that this type of food should be offered to dogs.

Can dogs eat peanuts?

Yes! Dogs can feed on peanuts! However, the addition of peanuts to the dog’s diet is not indicated without the indication of a veterinarian. Also, some care must be taken before offering some peanuts to dogs.

Peanuts are a type of grain that belongs to the oilseed family. Peanut is used in various types of food used in the diet for humans, however dogs cannot feed on all peanut types of food.

Types of products made with peanuts:

  • Peanut butter;
  • Seasoned peanuts;
  • Roasted peanuts;
  • Cajun Peanuts;
  • Peanut Chocolate;
  • French Burnt Peanuts.

Why are peanuts not indicated in dogs’ diet?

Peanuts are rich in nutrients, but this grain contains proteins that can cause allergies in dogs. Dogs with peanut allergies may experience vomiting, diarrhea and even fur loss. Some dogs are very susceptible to these allergens and can show all symptoms, including some itching.

Commercial peanuts, on the other hand, are rich in sugars and spices that are harmful to the health of dogs. Peanut butter, for example, is an extremely high-calorie food high in sugars that can lead to heart changes and also lead to endocrine problems like diabetes and obesity.

Seasoned peanuts or peanuts added to chocolates and sugar should never be offered to dogs. Excessive flavor can bring several harms to the dogs’ kidneys. The peanuts combined with chocolate should never be offered to dogs because chocolate is toxic to dogs.

How to add peanuts in the dog’s diet?

If the veterinarian decides to add peanuts to the dog’s diet. Peanuts should be provided only once a week in small amounts. In addition, peanuts must be peeled, without salt, seasonings, and even fried.

The peanut can be added to various snacks that can be made by tutors, such as homemade peanut butter in which no sugar is added or any other type of food that is harmful to dogs (Complete recipe for homemade peanut butter) .

Homemade Patch Butter Recipe: To make the recipe you will need roasted, unsalted peanuts and unrefined extra virgin coconut oil. You will crush the peanuts and add the extra virgin coconut oil that forms a dough, then it is good to serve the dog.

There is also the option to add peanuts in the receipt of cookies and other different types of snacks to please the dogs. Cookies can contain crushed peanuts or even the whole grain. Dogs tend to love the taste and come all at once.

Care must be taken with the conservation of peanuts. This food should be kept in a dry place, away from moisture and heat. Fungi love to grow on peanuts and in the food they deposit mycotoxins that can bring various health problems to dogs.

Why can the veterinary nutritionist add peanuts to the dog’s diet?

The reason why a veterinary nutritionist adds peanuts to the dog’s diet is because peanuts can bring several health benefits to dogs. Peanut is a grain rich in protein, vitamin B-6, vitamin E, niacin, and healthy fats. Peanuts can also be an easy food to offer to dogs and it is not difficult to find this type of food in the market.

At the same time, peanuts are an easy food to add to many dog treat recipes. Thus, veterinary nutritionists may like to add peanuts in many recipes to the dogs diets to supplement the nutritional needs of these dogs.

Care should always be taken with the amount of peanuts to be added to the dog’s diet. The excess of this oilseed can harm the dogs health. The ideal is to provide small amounts only once a week. Or they even add very small amounts to snacks to be offered sporadically.

The bottom line!

Peanut is a grain of the oilseed family and can bring some benefits to dogs. However, as it is a product that can cause some allergies to dogs, that is why it should be avoided. Peanuts should not be added to a dog’s diet without first consulting a veterinarian. 

Industrialized products such as peanut butter, salter peanut and others should not be provided to dogs, however, when indicated by a veterinary nutritionist, homemade recipes for snacks and healthy peanut butter can be made for dogs.


In this small blog, we discussed the question “can dogs eat peanuts?”. In this blog, we also talked about the benefits of using seeds such as peanuts to feed dogs, in addition to the conditions that this type of food should be offered to dogs that harm dogs’ health.



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