Can dogs eat meatballs?

In this short blog, we will discuss the question “can dogs eat meatballs?”. In this post we will also talk about the benefits of using meatballs for dog food, in addition to the conditions that this type of food should be offered to dogs.

Can dogs eat meatballs?

Yes! Dogs can eat meatballs. However, meatballs must be prepared especially for dogs, to avoid intoxication and even an imbalance in the dogs diet. Therefore, before introducing meatballs into the dog’s diet, it is important to consult a veterinarian.

If indicated by the veterinarian, meatballs can be introduced into the dog’s diet. But industrialized meatballs should be avoided, due to the seasonings and preservatives present in the food. In addition, dogs should not be fed fried foods, so meatballs should be cooked and not fried.

What is a meatball?

Meatballs are dumplings usually made from ground beef. Meatballs are normally used for human diet in pasta or salads, always accompanied by tomato sauce. Traditionally, meatballs are cooked in hot oil before being served to humans.

The meatball recipe includes ground beef, seasonings, and in some recipes, you can add wheat flour to make the meatloaf more consistent. In most recipes, the meatball is fried and served with a tomato sauce.

What are the benefits of introducing meatballs into dogs’ diets?

Several benefits can be found. In addition Dogs are omnivorous animals, that is, they feed on a variety of foods, including meat. Beef can be a source of protein for dogs in addition to being rich in fatty acids, Omega-6, and many nutrients.

Beef benefits:

  • Help maintain muscle tone;
  • Joint support;
  • Can help prevent diabetes
  • It can help prevent anemia.

Care when providing meatballs to dogs?

Some care must be taken before offering meatballs to dogs. Initially the meatball to be added to the dog’s diet must be prepared specifically for this purpose. Meatballs made for human consumption should not be offered to dogs.

Meatballs for dogs must be prepared specifically with ground beef. The ground beef must be compressed into a ball shape. The meat balls should go in the preheated oven. So, meatballs for dogs must be baked, giving a salvageable and tasty treat for dogs.

You should never fry the meatballs or add any kind of seasoning. Both the oil used for frying and the seasonings can harm dogs’ health. In addition, meatballs should not be served to dogs with sauces used for human diet. However, you can use canine industrial food or even the sashes sauce specifically for dogs.

How many meatballs can I give my dog?

The number of meatballs to be fed to dogs must be indicated by a veterinarian. The number of meatballs should be prescribed according to the dog’s weight and diet. The amount of meatballs can lead to nutritional imbalance that can bring several health problems to dogs.

By feeding dogs too much meatballs, many dogs can stop eating their main diet leading to a nutritional imbalance that can lead to anemia, weakness, walking difficulties and even seizures.

When in doubt, provide a small number of meatballs to the dogs. And always provided as a snack at the frequency defined by a veterinarian.

What kind of meat is best suited for cooking meatballs?

The most suitable meats for cooking meatballs are red meats. You can also use pork and chicken in the meatball recipe.

Dogs tend to like all types of meat used to make meatballs. However, it should always be remembered that these animals need special meatballs without seasonings and fried foods.

Pork and chicken meatballs also bring several health benefits to dogs. And it can be used more often than red meat meatballs. But remember to always consult with a veterinarian.

Meat is present in the natural diet of dogs and is an essential source of protein, which is why it is added to both processed foods and homemade diets correctly prescribed by a veterinarian. On some occasions the vet may add meatballs as a source of protein to homemade diets. So, meatballs can be used more often than just as snacks.

The bottom line!

Finally, dogs can eat meatballs. Meatballs can be an excellent source of protein and other nutrients for dogs. However, dogs cannot eat any type of meatball. Meatballs made for human consumption should not be fed to dogs.

The meatballs to be offered to dogs must be made specifically for the dogs, without seasonings and fried foods. Before feeding meatballs to dogs, a veterinarian should be consulted to avoid imbalance in the dog’s diet that can result in health problems.


In this short blog, we discussed the question “can dogs eat meatballs?”. In this post we also talked about the benefits of using meatballs for dog food, in addition to the conditions that this type of food should be offered to dogs.


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