Can dogs eat dried pineapple?

In this article, we will answer the question “Can dogs eat dried pineapple?”, and what are the health benefits of pineapple for my dog?

Can dogs eat dried pineapple?

Yes, dogs can eat dried pineapple. But it is not recommended to feed them dried fruits. It is because dried fruits have concentrated sugar. 

It is better to opt for other treats that have balanced nutrients and good satiety levels than feeding high sugar treats to your dog.  

If you do decide to feed your dog dried pineapple, start with a small amount and check to see If your dog develops any allergic symptoms. If your dog does not show any signs of sickness, it is safe to feed dried pineapple to your dog. 

Pineapple is rich in sugar so you must keep the portion control in check. Because high sugar foods lead to diabetes and weight gain in dogs. 

Frozen pineapple 

Frozen pineapple chunks are made for a great treat or snack food for dogs especially in the blazing heat of summers. Keep the chunks small because it may be a choking hazard for smaller breeds.

Fresh pineapple

Fresh pineapple is better than its tinned or frozen counterparts. Remove the pit and spiky skin before cutting the flesh into cubes. Keep the cubes small.

Don’t mix your pineapple with other foods

This is especially true when it is your first time feeding human foods to your dog. You should start with a small amount and give plain pineapple without any additives to your dog. 

This way you can better judge whether your dog likes it or not. If you are mixing several human foods, you should know what consequences each might have on your dog’s health. 

Can dogs eat dried mango?

Yes, dogs can have dried mango as snacks or treats, once or twice a week. Make sure the dried mango does not have added sugars. Prefer feeding all-natural soft dried mango bits without the peel and pit. 

The pit and peel part is a choking hazard for pets. As mentioned above, too much sugar can prompt diarrhea and vomiting in dogs. So make sure you do not go overboard with dried mango.

Can dogs eat dried jackfruit?

Yes, dogs can safely eat dried jackfruit. It is full of natural sugars and fiber so it serves as a perfect snack especially for playtime. Do not forget to read the nutritional label. Do not buy any dried fruit that has added sugars. Always buy all-natural treats for your pets.

What are the health benefits of pineapple for my dog?

Hydration: Fresh pineapples contain about 82% water. This makes it a perfect option for a snack or treats when your dog wants hydration.

Antioxidants: The antioxidants present in pineapple protect the cells against oxidative stress.

Vitamin C: Vitamin C has excellent anti-inflammatory properties. It also strengthens the immune system.

Vitamin B6: Vitamin B6 is a coenzyme crucial for fluid balance, building proteins, controlling hormones, and supporting neurotransmitters in your pet’s body.

Minerals: Minerals are needed to maintain ligaments, tissues and support the health of your dog’s skin and coat.

Bromelain: Bromelain has functional similarities to histamine. It has excellent anti-inflammatory properties and improves skin health.

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Homemade pineapple treat ideas

Mixing it in yogurt: Yes! Dogs love fruit smoothies. You can blend pineapple with other dog-friendly fruits like watermelon bites, blueberries, strawberries, banana slices with yogurt. Keep the portion control in check. 

Only 10% of the daily caloric intake of your dog should come from treats. This is important because you don’t want to go overboard with sugar.

Frozen pineapple: It is the best treat food for dogs in summers. It is refreshing, hydrating, and a dog’s absolute favorite.

Pureed pineapple: You can freeze pureed pineapple in a muffin tray or ice-cube treaty. This is again a very refreshing and hydrating treat. 

Doggie ice cream: You can make doggie ice cream by blending yogurt, dog-friendly fresh fruit plus cooked and pureed sweet potatoes. Freeze this mixture and scoop when frozen. It makes for a portion of great snack food.

Smoothies: Blend fresh fruits with veggies and yogurt to make a treat smoothie for your dog.

Can dogs eat a corn cob?

No, dogs cannot eat corn on the cob. Cor itself is not problematic but dogs are unable to digest the cob. Once ingested, it blocks the intestinal passage and must be removed via surgery. 

Some of the blockage symptoms include vomiting, lethargy, abdominal pain, suppressed appetite, trouble defecating, constipation, biting or growling picked up, etc.


In this article, we answered the question “Can dogs eat dried pineapple?”, and what are the health benefits of pineapple for my dog?