Can dogs eat dogs?

In this short article, we will provide an answer to the question “Can dogs eat dogs?” and the information on cannibalism.

Can dogs eat dogs?

Yes, sometimes mother dogs can eat their puppies. However, a mother eating her offspring or two pups eating each other is exceptional in dogs and is most likely owing to living conditions or other external factors.

What might motivate a mother dog to consume her young?

There are several possible explanations for why she would injure or even kill her puppies.


When one member of the same species consumes another member of the same species, this behavior is known as cannibalism. Cannibalism is a rare occurrence in dogs, especially when the litter is born (whelped) at home rather than in a loud or crowded kennel where there is a lot of competition for space. 

Cannibalism among puppies can occur as soon as they are born or as late as a few days later. Cannibalism can occur in female dogs of any breed or mix of breeds, including mixed breeds. Cannibalism is not necessarily a trait that is passed down from generation to generation, nor does it always occur in the same litter.

Disregard and Failure to Appreciate

Inexperienced mother dogs, often known as dams, sometimes have trouble identifying their offspring as their offspring. Additionally, as a result of the lack of hormones that are generated during natural birth, dogs who have had cesarean sections may be unable to identify their offspring. During the first few weeks of their lives, puppies have a frenetic movement pattern and make high-pitched sounds. 

These behaviors are very similar to those of other prey species, such as mice. It’s common knowledge that some breeds of dogs, notably terriers and hybrids of terriers, are excellent mouse catchers. Although any mother dog is capable of cannibalism, these canines may feel forced to devour their puppies instinctually if they do not recognize them as their own, even though any mother dog is capable of cannibalism.


The inflammation of the teats of the dam is a symptom of the illness known as mastitis. Teats that are infected may be reddened, swollen, and painful to the touch; alternatively, they may be extremely heated. Despite the severity of the condition, mastitis is not difficult to treat. Sometimes the discomfort is so severe that it drives the dam to become antagonistic toward her young, and she may even eat them or murder them in self-defense.

Concern or Anxiety

A mother’s negative feelings, such as worry or anxiety for her offspring, might provoke aggressive behavior in her offspring. This rage might be directed on the puppies, which might result in cannibalism on their part.

Puppies that do not survive birth or are of poor health

When one or more of the members of a litter get ill or do not survive birth, the health of the remaining members of the litter is put in peril. The instincts of a dam will tell her that the unwell puppies and the ones that have died in the den need to be removed immediately. 

The vast majority of domestic dogs will simply ignore unwell puppies and drive them away from the nest if they come across them. Stillborn puppies may be removed from the nest or “buried” in one of the rooms of the house. If the dam’s instincts take control and the puppies are still young enough, she may murder those that aren’t doing well and then swallow them.

Are Small Dogs Considered to Be Prey by Large Dogs?

If the smaller dogs are not of the same species as the larger dog, the larger dog may mistake them for prey and attack, chase, or even kill the smaller dogs. Stop the game immediately if either of the dogs demonstrates any signs of prey fixation, including stalking, stiffening, staring, or lunging.

If you died, would a dog consume you?

Dogs don’t generally devour you just after you die. Nevertheless, there are invariably instances that deviate from the accepted pattern. A “waiting period” is typically required before a domesticated dog may wreak havoc on your body, in contrast to the case with wild animals.


In this short article, we will provide an answer to the question “Can dogs eat dogs?” and the information on cannibalism.


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