Can dogs eat catnip?

In this short blog we will discuss whether “can dogs eat catnip?”. When answering this question, we will also talk about the characteristics of the catnip in the dog’s diet, and what should be done when the animal accidentally feeds on this type of food.

Can dogs eat catnip?

Yes dogs can eat catnip, but catnip is not a type of food suitable for inclusion in the dog’s diet. Catnip is not toxic to dogs, so it does not harm the health of the animal.

In addition, catnip contains vitamins C and E, tannin and magnesium, which can be beneficial for dogs. However, before providing this type of food to dogs, a veterinary nutritionist should be consulted.

Some dogs may be allergic to catnip, thus causing vomiting and diarrhea. In such cases, veterinarians should be consulted to avoid dehydration and even worsening of the dog’s health that can result in the animal’s death.

Catnip is not considered a dog food and therefore should be avoided. Although not considered toxic to dogs, this herb can have calming effects for some dogs, so catnip should only be used if indicated by the veterinarian.

What is catnip?

Catnip is an herb that became known as catnip due to the euphoric reaction presented by cats when smelling this herb. Catnip contains an oil called nepetalactone that stimulates receptors that make cats feel euphoric and happy.

Catnip not only affects domestic cats, but wild cats as well. However, there is a small percentage of cats that do not respond to the smell of catnip. Currently catnip for cats is used alone or associated with specific toys for cats. Owners love to see how much fun the animal has with toys and how much this type of grass encourages these animals to play.

What to do when a dog accidentally feeds on catnip?

If your dog ate catnip and you don’t know what to do, our tip is to just relax. Catnip is not toxic to dogs, so it does not harm the health of the animal. On the other hand, as it contains vitamins and nutrients, it can bring some health benefits to dogs.

If any symptoms are observed after catnip ingestion by the dog, the animal should be taken to the veterinarian so that the animal remains under observation. Some animals may be allergic to this type of herb. But if the animal does not show any symptoms, the tip is to relax.

Is there catnip for dogs?

There is no catnip for dogs but there is a plant equivalent to catnip that leads to some excitatory reactions in dogs. The catnip equivalent of cat for dogs is Anis. Anis is a spice used in human cooking.

Anise has a woody texture and is used in many human dishes because of its sweet aroma. Using aniseed has been found to make dogs hyperactive and accelerated, as does when cats are high on catnip.

But can you freely offer anise to the dog?

The ideal is to avoid exaggeration, offering small amounts at the correct intervals can avoid health problems for the dog. Because the high amount of aniseed intake can irritate the dog’s stomach and can even slightly depress the animal’s nervous system.

How can I offer Anis to the dog?

Anise can be offered as a snack, there are several recipes that can help tutors in making these snacks. It is important to consult a veterinary nutritionist so that he can guide the ideal amount and the ideal period to offer these treats to dogs.

In addition, the veterinarian can also indicate healthy recipes to avoid imbalance in the dog’s diet. Thus, avoiding health problems related to the imbalance of the animals’ diet

The bottom line!

Catnip is an herb to stimulate cats, but dogs can end up ingesting this product accidentally or not. This herb is not toxic to dogs so they can feed on this product. However, it is not indicated to include this herb in the diet of dogs without indication of a veterinarian.

In cats, catnip is responsible for hyper stimulating animals, but in dogs this effect is not observed. To stimulate dogs there is another spice called anise. Anise can be added to the dog’s diet but in small amounts.

Dogs by nature are already full of energy, it is often not necessary to use anise as a type of stimulus to make them more agitated. Ideally, this animal should play more, often a simple game with a ball can excite and bring a sense of euphoria to the dog.


This short blog talked about the consumption of catnip by dogs answering the question “can dogs eat catnip?”. Finally, we talked about the characteristics of this herb that can be fed to dogs, and what should be done when the animal accidentally feeds on catnip.

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