Can dogs eat boiled chicken?

In this small blog we will discuss whether “Can dogs eat boiled chicken?”. When answering this question, we will also talk about the benefits and care that should be taken when adding boiled chicken to the dogs diet.

Can dogs eat boiled chicken?

Yes, dogs can eat boiled chicken. Even the addition of cooked chicken in the dog’s diet can bring several benefits to the animal’s health. However, care must be taken with the amount and frequency with which the boiled chicken is fed to the dog.

The dog can receive boiled chicken every day as long as indicated by the veterinary nutritionist. If the dog consumes excessive amounts of boiled chicken, the dog may have some health problems related to the imbalance of the animals’ diet.

In addition, some dogs may have food allergies mainly to the animal protein present in boiled chicken. For these dogs, contact with the protein in boiled chicken meat can worsen the animal’s health.

Boiled chicken can be an excellent way to supplement protein for dogs, but the amount and frequency with which this food should be given to the dog should be prescribed by a veterinary nutritionist.

What are the benefits of adding chicken to the dog’s diet?

The use of boiled chicken in the dog’s diet can bring several benefits. Chicken is a type of natural food rich in proteins and vitamins. Compared with red meat, chicken tends to have less saturated fat, reducing the chances of heart problems in dogs.

Chicken is rich in proteins that help in the formation of tissues such as muscle tissue. In addition, the proteins present in the chicken can help in the maintenance of the structure and functioning of several organs of the dogs.

Chicken also contains many vitamins that can play a very important role in protecting against infectious diseases and cancer. Vitamins act in the dog’s body strengthening the animal’s immune system, thus making it resistant to various diseases. In addition to vitamins, they help in the healthy functioning of some systems, such as the integumentary and nervous systems.

How to add chicken to the dog’s diet?

To add chicken to the dog’s diet, a veterinary nutritionist should be consulted. Thus, the dog will not have the risks of a poorly balanced diet.

Chicken is a very common food in the human diet, always roasted, boiled, or fried. For dogs, however, the ideal thing is that the chicken is offered steamed to prevent it from losing its properties.

Some veterinarians may indicate the use of raw chicken in the diet of dogs, but this practice should be avoided due to the chances of intoxication of dogs with microorganisms that may be present in the food.

In addition, chicken should be offered to the dog without any seasonings such as salt, garlic and onions. These additives can be toxic to dogs. In case of poisoning, dogs should be taken to the veterinary as soon as possible.

The bones of the boiled chicken must be removed, because when chewing them, the dogs can end up hurting themselves and even swallowing pieces of sharp bones that can injure and even become a gastrointestinal foreign body.

In general, chicken can be added to the diet of dogs as a snack in the case of industrial diets or as a source of protein and vitamins in natural homemade diets.

What is the best part of chicken to offer to dogs?

The best part of the chicken to be offered to dogs is the chicken breast. Chicken breast is the least fatty part of the animal. In addition, it is possible to easily remove the bones in this region, preventing the dog from choking on the chicken bones.

The chicken breast is the part of the chicken richest in:

  • Vitamins
  • Selenium
  • Iron


Cooked chicken breast may contain mainly vitamins A and E. These vitamins are important supplements to help maintain healthy hair, skin, and eyes. It can also find vitamin B in chicken meat. The intake of vitamin B by dogs is very important because this vitamin keeps the metabolism and the nervous system working properly.


Selenium in the dog’s diet has an antioxidant function. This antioxidant action can act mainly by helping the immune system of dogs, making them stronger to face some health challenges. In addition, selenium acts in the regulation of the metabolism of the dog’s organism.


Iron is present inside the red cells and helps in the transport of oxygen by the dog’s organism. In addition, it can act in blood formation and energy production. Thus, for some anemias, iron supplementation may be necessary, and some veterinarians may increase the consumption of meats such as cooked chicken meat.

When should I add chicken to the dog’s diet?

Chicken should be added to the dog’s diet when necessary, and therefore it should be prescribed by a veterinarian. Nowadays many dogs can feed on industrialized foods that are manufactured to meet all the dog’s dietary needs when provided in adequate amounts.

Therefore, boiled chicken should be offered to the animal sporadically. Thus, being supplied as a snack in small quantities. However, there is no need to add this boiled chicken to the dog’s diet. That’s why you should give boiled chicken to dogs carefully to prevent the dog’s diet from becoming unbalanced.

Recently, the use of homemade diets for dogs has become increasingly popular. These diets are prepared daily by the tutor to provide to their pet. Homemade diets can include grains, vegetables, and meats. In addition, to provide all nutrients to dogs, supplementation with commercial vitamins may be necessary. It is worth remembering that in order to have a balanced diet for dogs, it is important to look for a veterinary nutritionist.


In this small blog we discussed whether “Can dogs eat boiled chicken?”. When answering this question, we also talked about the benefits and care that should be taken when adding boiled chicken to the dogs diet.


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