Can dogs eat apples?

In this short blog we will discuss whether “Can dogs eat apples?”. When answering this question, we will also talk about the benefits and care that should be taken when adding apples to the dog’s diet.

Can dogs eat apples?

Yes, dogs can eat apples. Apples can be an excellent type of food to be added to the dog’s diet, but some care must be taken before offering this fruit to dogs.

The apple is an extremely appetizing fruit. Its sweet taste is what attracts the palate of many animals such as dogs. The apple is a fruit that is common and easy to find in supermarkets, in addition to having a lower price when compared to other fruits, which makes it very popular in people’s homes.

Many owners are afraid to offer some food to their dogs for fear of the food being toxic to the animals. So it is with the apple, but these posts will try to help these tutors to identify what in the apple can bring harm to dogs and which parts of the apple bring benefits to the animal.

What nutrition do apples have to offer for dogs?

The apple is an extremely nutritious food because it contains the following components that can bring several health benefits to the dog: 

  • Fibers;
  • Antioxidants;
  • Vitamins.


Apple fibers play a very important role in the gastrointestinal motility of dogs. Thus, it can help in the correct functioning of the dogs intestine, avoiding problems of diarrhea and dysbiosis. Fiber can also help with local immunity in dogs.

Apple fiber is easily digested and incorporated into the dog’s stool. This way it can help in the digestion of some foods that may not have been very good for the dogs. But if the dog has eaten something that is not making him well, the animal will need a veterinarian for the correct diagnosis and treatment of the patient.


The antioxidants present in the apple can act in several organs, but their most important function is the modulation of the dog’s immune system. Antioxidants stimulate the correct functioning of the immune system, which makes the dogs’ natural defenses ready to avoid health problems such as cancer.

In addition, antioxidants can act by reducing free radicals. Thus, dogs that eat apples can reduce the presence of eye problems, and even heart problems, since in the heart the components of the apple can reduce blood pressure in animals.


The main vitamins present in apples are the B vitamins, vitamin C and phosphoric acid. These vitamins in dogs have a very important effect on protecting the nervous system. These vitamins can help neural cells to repair themselves in addition to reducing inflammation in neurons that results in neural cell death.

How to offer the apple to the dogs?

Apples should be added to the dog’s diet after the recommendation of a veterinary nutritionist. The veterinary nutritionist is responsible for balancing the dog’s diet so that there is no excess or lack of nutrients in the dog’s diet.

After the veterinarian’s recommendation, the apple can be added to the dogs’ diet. In order for the food to be as healthy as possible for dogs, it is necessary to remove the apple skin and even the seeds from the food. Thus, offering only the apple pulp.

It is recommended to remove the apple skin before giving it to dogs. The apple peel is the most contaminated part of the fruit with pesticides that can harm the health of dogs and humans alike. That is why consumption of apple skin should be avoided.

The seeds present in the apple contain the substance amygdalin that in the dog’s body can be converted into cyanide, which is toxic to dogs. That’s why you should always remove the seeds from the food before feeding it to dogs.

The use of industrialized products should also be avoided, providing only the apple in its natural state. Industrialized products have high concentrations of sugars that can result in metabolic changes in dogs and often lead to obesity and even dogs’ diabetes.

That’s why industrialized and processed products by the industry should be avoided in the dog’s diet. Another factor that can bring harm to the health of dogs is that industrialized products can contain many additives and flavorings that in the long term can harm the dog’s health.

The natural apple can be an excellent food to be added to the dog’s diet. Because it is rich in nutrients, it can help the correct functioning of various organs. In addition, it may play a role in the dog’s immunity. Dogs love the sweet and slightly acidic flavor of the fruit, which makes it easy to add this food to the animals’ diet.


In this short blog we discussed whether “Can dogs eat apples?”. When answering this question, we also talked about the benefits and care that should be taken when adding apples to the dog’s diet.


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