Can dark chocolate go bad?

In this short article, we are going to answer the question, “can dark chocolate go bad?” We will also pour some light on the storage and shelf life of dark chocolate. Moreover, we will tell you the ways to check the freshness of your dark chocolate.

Can dark chocolate go bad?

Yes, dark chocolate can go bad either beyond its shelf life or if it has been exposed to mold growth. It is less perishable due to the lack of dairy. Dark chocolate may survive up to two years if kept unopened and properly preserved. The general guideline is one year if unsealed but carefully kept.

How to Keep Chocolate Safe?

  • Chocolate should be kept in a dark, dry area away from strong odors. It’s OK to keep it in the cupboard or a kitchen cabinet; it doesn’t need to be refrigerated. After you’ve opened the bag, make sure it’s properly wrapped before putting it away.
  • The optimum shelf life is between 54 and 61 degrees Fahrenheit (or 12 and 16 degrees Celsius). However, if the temperature rises a few degrees, it isn’t a huge problem.
  • Hold the bar far from any heat sources while storing it, since heat may melt the chocolate or produce a chocolate sauce
  • Last but not least, keep the bar distant from excessive smells to avoid tainting the taste.
  • After you’ve opened the bar, cover the chocolate in the aluminum foil that came with it, or seal up the bag if it’s resealable.

How to Keep Dark Chocolate Fresh for a Long Time?

1.Divide the dark chocolate into serving-size chunks or pieces. Wrap a paper towel around each chocolate dish. Place each in its own quart-sized freezer-safe zip-top bag and seal.

2.Place the frozen bags of chocolate in the refrigerator for 15 minutes, undisturbed. Discard the bags and inspect the inner surfaces for any moisture. Put the paper towel in the condensation bags and put them in the fridge for an hour.

3. Take the paper towels out of each bag and trash them after taking them out of the refrigerator. Place each bag in a quart zip-top freezer bag after resealing it. Mark the containers with the item and dates using a marker pen or ink.

4.Refrigerate the dark chocolate for up to one year or freeze it for up to two years.

Other FAQs about Chocolate which you may be interested in.

Can dark chocolate cause constipation?

Is it better to keep chocolate refrigerated or frozen?

According to several reports, storing chocolate in the refrigerator will cause it to absorb moisture and deteriorate. By placing the chocolate in a freezer bag, you may easily avoid this.

The fridge’s temperature isn’t great for keeping chocolate, so if you reside in a humid and warm environment, the pantry is a better option.

When it concerns chocolate, freezing it doesn’t assist extend the time the bar maintains its finest quality, therefore it’s of little use. Plus, no one needs to keep chocolate for more than a year.

If you do want to freeze chocolates, make sure it’s in a freezer bag (or two) and that you press out all the air before closing it.

What part of the diet does chocolate play?

There are a lot of individuals that like eating chocolate. For example, the French use about 390,000 tonnes per year, or over 7 kilograms per person. Chocolate, like other simple pleasures in life, maybe beneficial to one’s health when eaten in moderation.

Chocolate has a high fiber level: 100 grams of dark chocolate with a 70% cocoa content has 10 grams of fiber, which is higher than certain vegetables.

It should be emphasized, however, that we are only discussing cocoa-rich dark chocolate.

How Can You Tell If Chocolate Is Bad For You?

Flavonoids prevent lipids from oxidation, while chocolate has little to no water. As a result, chocolate does not deteriorate easily.

If kept correctly, it may survive for years and have a pretty excellent flavor the whole time. The term “fairly” is crucial in this context.

Chocolate, like other goods, loses its quality with age. A ten-year-old bar will not be as excellent as a new one.

It’s OK if your bar has some grey streaks or if the chocolate has become white-ish or grey-ish.

This is known as chocolate blooming, and it is not hazardous to food safety. It’s ugly, but it’s completely harmless, and there’s no getting rid of it.

It’s known as “sugar bloom” when you can see crystals growing on the surface, and it’s completely safe. While blooming chocolate is edible, its quality has been altered, and you will sense the difference in flavor.

Lastly, if the surface of the chocolate seems to be green or moldy, discard it. The presence of mold indicates that moisture has entered the product.


In this short article, we answered the question, “can dark chocolate go bad?” We also poured some light on the storage and shelf life of dark chocolate. Moreover, we told you the ways to check the freshness of your dark chocolate.



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