Can Crock Pot Liner Go In Oven 

In this article, we will address the question, “Can crackpot liner go in the oven?”. We will also discuss if crockpot liners can melt in the oven and provide step by step instructions for putting them in the oven.

Can Crock Pot Liner Go In Oven

Yes, crockpot liners can go in the oven. How much temperature your crockpot liner can withstand necessitates that you refer to the producer’s manual. For most crackpot liners and the brand crackpot itself, the liners are designed to withstand up to a certain temperature before it is rendered as unsafe by the manufacturer. 

Most of the removable Crockpot supplements can be utilized in an oven. The upper-temperature limit changes by the producer, however, and you would need to check with whoever made yours. In case it is a name-brand Crockpot, the addition is protected up to 400F. You have to investigate it intently for any hairline breaks first and remember it will be dependent upon thermal shock very much like some other ceramic or glass baking dish. It should go in the stove at room temp or higher and be mindful so as not to put it straightforwardly on a cold surface when you take it out. 

Do Crock Pot Liners Melt?

Although composed of a heat resistant nylon plastic, crockpot liners can melt because eventually, they are plastic. The temperature of slow cookers where these liners are intended for use do not reach this temperature (400℉) easily and are safe to use within them.

However, when it comes to putting crackpot liners in the oven or near a stove top, there are chances that your crockpot liners may melt and cause a cleaning problem, creating a mess in the oven.

Generally, crock pots/slow cookers that are made out of durable “coated earthenware,” which are made in furnaces, can withstand the temperature of an oven. These will quite often be obsolete models of Crock Pots/slow cookers.

More up-to-date models that are made of metal can likewise deal with the oven’s temperature. In case it’s made of some other sort of material, try to go through the manual of manufacturer’s guidelines on the use of the respective oven.  

In case you are uncertain with regards to whether or not your crockpot is appropriate for the stove, then it is suggested that you move the ingredients securely into another crockpot instead. It implies you’ll clean up two dishes however it likewise implies there’s probably going to be no harm to your lethargic cooker.

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How to safely put your crock pot/slow cooker in the oven

Despite what model or kind of Crock Pot/slow cooker you have, in case it can endure the temperature of the oven, you ought to just be placing the inner pot into the oven leaving its lid outside because numerous lids have a plastic handle that will melt in the oven.

Therefore, utilize a material that is safe for the oven like aluminum foil to cover the pot. Moreover, the other part of the Crock Pot/slow cooker that you ought not to place in the stove is the external part having an electrical fitting and it is most certainly not the material that is safe to put in the oven.

Regardless of whether it’s an artistic or metal Crock Pot/slow cooker, most makers prompt against placing it in the oven if it surpasses 400 degrees Fahrenheit.  In case you are utilizing a ceramic Crock Pot/slow cooker, it is ideal to warm it up since fire can spark if it goes from cold to hot in a brief timeframe.

Be certain when you move your crackpot from the unit into the oven you do so utilizing a stove glove. Particularly if the crackpot has been on as the inner bowl will probably be extraordinarily hot.

In the event where you need to put your Crock-Pot or slow cooker in the broiler, yet you were unable to find an unmistakable agreement on the most proficient method to do it securely, we trust this blog will assist you with understanding on how to do it.

As referenced beforehand, these are common rules that are pertinent to many Crockpot/slow cooker models.  It is significant that you look into the rules for your particular model from the maker to completely comprehend whether you can place your crockpot in the broiler and, in the event that you can, how to do it securely.

Go through the manual of your specific crockpot here


In this article, we have answered the question, “Can crackpot liner go in the oven?”. We also discussed if  crockpot liners can melt in the oven and provided step by step instructions for putting them in the oven.


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