Can corn be eaten raw? (3 Recipes to Make)

In this brief guide, we will answer the question, can corn be eaten raw? We will elaborate on the kind of corn you can eat raw and remove kernels from the cob. We will discuss ways to eat corn in its raw form and some recipes to make with them. 

Can corn be eaten raw?

Corn can be eaten raw, which belongs to the sweet variety. Sweet corn is tender, milky, and sweet and the young plants can be eaten raw.

The other kind of corn which is known as Dent corn, yellow corn, or field corn must not be eaten raw. Dent corn is very versatile with great nutritional value, which most fruitful when cooked. Dent corn has a lot of starch and can be hard to bite into. If you eat this variety of corn raw, it could cause you digestive problems. 

How to remove corn kernels from the cob?

  1. Split the corn into two and place the pieces vertically on their stable ends.
  2.  Take a sharp knife or blade and slide it across the length of the cob to detach the kernels.
  3. Put the kernels in a bowl.
  4. Enjoy them as it is or use them as an ingredient.

How to enjoy corn in its raw form?

You can eat raw corn as corn on the cob. When you find the youngest corn among other sweet corns, get rid of the shucks and silk. When you remove them, rinse the corn under the sink. You need to eat the corn as soon as possible to avoid getting it mushy, together with a grassy taste.

After the corn is clean, you can start biting in or you could season it with salt, lemon, or any other seasoning of your choice. 

Add the corn to your soup

Gazpacho or cold soup tastes good with raw corn. The Spanish soup served chilled is one of a kind and will contemplate well with uncooked corn. Some other ingredients to add to your soup alongside raw corn are basil, thyme, and carrots.

Add the corn to your salad

Raw corn can be made into a salad together with any vegetable or fruit of your preference. To make a terrific raw corn salad, start by dicing red peppers, carrots, and sweet onions. Add the raw corn kernels and chopped parsley and cilantro. Top off the salad by adding some olive oil vinaigrette and white balsamic. The salad that follows the above recipe is both healthy and appeals to tastebuds, for vegans it is desired.

Add the raw corn to your vegan ice cream

Raw corn will go well with vegan ice cream because of its sweet and milky taste.  Adding raw corn is a good excuse to make your ice cream healthy. You could sprinkle the raw corn over your ice cream. If you are making ice cream at home, you can put it in the vegan ice cream mix.

What are some health benefits of eating corn?

Corn has Vitamin B1, Folate, and Vitamin C. Corn is also packed with lots of fiber which aids in digestion. Corn provides a person with essential nutrients such as Manganese, potassium, zinc, copper, and iron. Corn plays a role in preventing weight gain, cancer, and digestive-related ailments.

What else can you do with raw corn?

If you don’t like how raw corn tastes, you can cook them lightly. IF you cook the raw sweet corn for a little while, it will greatly enhance the taste. 

To cook corn briefly you can use your microwave, stove, or your oven. 

The Microwave

To cook the raw corn lightly in the microwave, add a few tablespoons of water to two cups of corn and cook at high power for three to five minutes. Stir and throw away the water.

The Stovetop

To cook the kernels on the stovetop, put a few spoons of canola or olive oil in the pan. Add the corn to the heated oil and let it cook until it becomes golden. Stir for around five minutes. After the kernels cool, add some seasoning over it and enjoy.

The Oven 

To cook in the oven, put the corn kernels in a glass bowl, and some oil and seasonings. Stir the kernels to mix them thoroughly. Put the kernels on a rimmed baking sheet and roast it at 450 Fahrenheits. In around 20 minutes, the kernels will start to turn brown. You need to stir a few times while baking so that they roast evenly. 

In this brief guide, we answered the question, can corn be eaten raw? We elaborated on the kind of corn that you can eat raw and how to remove kernels from the cob. We discussed ways to eat corn in its raw form and some recipes to make with them. 

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