Can coffee mugs go in the oven? (5 Types of Material)

In this brief guide, we will answer the question, can coffee mugs go in the oven? We will discuss the type of coffee mugs that can go in the oven. We will also discuss the risks and safety measures associated with heating coffee mugs in the oven.

Can coffee mugs go in the oven?

Coffee mugs can go in the oven if they are made of either ceramic or glass. Metal, stainless steel, and silicone mugs can also be put in the oven safely. 

Bone china or plastic mugs must not be put in the oven as they can be sensitive to high temperatures or shatter on temperature shock.

If you have the manufacturer’s label, consult it for further information regarding the product’s usage and cleanliness. 

You might get into a conundrum if there are embellishments or more than one material in the coffee mug. Even if the base element is ceramic, there might be decorative handles, glazes, and adhesives that are sensitive to high temperatures. 

Hence before you put your mug in the oven, you need to make sure that if there is more than a single element; it is safe as well. Other things to consider are; the fusion method, sealant, or adhesives present in the coffee mug material. Some kinds of glaze or paint can not withstand high temperatures, hence can not be put in the oven.

Check your mug for a label that indicates that it is safe for use in the oven. A symbol that has three wavy lines in a square indicates that it is oven-safe. Otherwise, it might have a clear oven-safe written on the mug.

If there isn’t any instruction or label on the mug regarding oven use, then it is safe to assume that it can not be put in an oven.

Which type of coffee mugs can go in the oven?


The base material used in coffee mugs is ceramic which belongs to either earthenware, stoneware, and porcelain. All three kinds of ceramic can withstand around 2000 Fahrenheit with one catch; they are sensitive to steam.

Stoneware and earthenware are thick and heavy materials, however, only stoneware is safe for use in the oven. Stoneware is heat resistant and earthenware can chip if they are subjected to high temperatures. 

Among porcelain mugs, only some of them are safe for use in the oven. While porcelain is generally considered to be oven-safe, it can be sensitive to thermal shock. 

Metals and alloys

If your coffee mug is made entirely of metal or alloy and you are sure that it does not have any plastic and wood, then only it would be safe to put coffee mugs in the oven. 

Metals are excellent conductors of heat and can withstand high temperatures, on condition that there are no signs of plastic or non-stick finish which can cause damage to the mug and also make it unsafe for use.

Other materials such as rubber could also be unsafe if put in the oven. Some kinds of rubber can not endure high temperatures.

Adhesives and Paints 

The most common adhesive is epoxy. Epoxy can tolerate temperatures between 450 to 600 Fahrenheit. Factors such as parts of the resin and the curing method determine the precise temperature that can be tolerated. 

Silicone adhesives can tolerate temperatures between 400 and 572 Fahrenheit. Sodium silicate, on the other hand, can bear around 700 Fahrenheit. 

Acrylic paints can not withstand high temperatures either. If your coffee mug has acrylic paint on them, they are probably not safe for use in the oven. 

What is the danger of putting a coffee mug in the oven?

Mugs put in the oven could explode. Even if ceramics withstand high temperatures, steam can cause them to shatter. A cheap, poorly built mug will explode when the oven causes an accumulation of steam on the mug. 

How do you safely heat a coffee mug in an oven?

You must not leave your coffee mug in the oven for more than 30 minutes at 350 degrees. Heat the mug and oven at the same time to prevent a drastic change in the temperature of the mug.

A temperature shock is caused when the temperature is increased or decreased gradually which can make a utensil crack. To prevent such a phenomenon from happening, do not preheat the oven before placing the mug in, and neither remove it before the oven cools down. 


In this brief guide, we answered the question, can coffee mugs go in the oven? We discussed the type of coffee mugs that can go in the oven. We also discussed the risks and safety measures associated with heating coffee mugs in the oven.


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