Can chocolate cake go in the fridge?

In this brief guide, we will be discussing the question, “can chocolate cake go in the fridge?” We will discuss how the chocolate cake is made and the ingredients in the cake that make it perishable. We will also discuss the proper ways to store a chocolate cake.

Can chocolate cake go in the fridge?

Yes, the chocolate cake can go in the fridge and it is usually kept in the fridge to keep its freshness and avoid it from getting spoiled. A chocolate cake contains all the perishable ingredients like cream, milk, and butter and these ingredients will go bad if left out at room temperature.

If you want to store your freshly made chocolate cake then you need to keep it in the fridge.

What is the lifespan of chocolate cake?

The shelf life of the chocolate cake can be determined based on two factors: first the hygienic practices that were carried out to prepare it and secondly the transport and packaging of it. You can store your cake for upto 7 days at 4 degrees in the refrigerator and it will not go bad. 

You can also store your cake in the freezer where it can be stored for upto 3 months. If you’ve ever had freshly made cake, you know that it’s preferable to consume it within 24 hours of baking. With time, the moisture content decreases, and the texture becomes drier. 

The only exception is fruitcake, which can be frozen for up to a year and kept in the refrigerator for several months. This is because of a large amount of alcohol and dried fruit in it.

How is a chocolate cake made?

Following ingredients are used in the chocolate cake and it is prepared by following the given recipe.


  • 250 gm all-purpose flour
  • 4 beaten egg
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • 250 gm powdered sugar
  • 2 tablespoon cocoa powder
  • 1 cup butter


Step 1 

Preheat the oven to 180°C for this simple chocolate cake recipe. During this time take a cake pan and grease it with the help of melted butter and put baking paper in it. Mix all the dry ingredients in a separate bowl 

Step 2 

Butter and sugar should be combined in a glass bowl. Mix all the wet and dry items in a bowl and mix it with the help of a mixer. Make its consistency fluffy. Always use powdered sugar so that it can easily dissolve. Make sure to add eggs slowly. Fold the flour into the mixture lightly. Bake for 35 to 40 minutes after pouring the batter into the preheated tin.

Step 3

To check whether your cake is done or not take a sharp-end knife or toothpick and insert it into the cake. If it comes out clean then it means your cake is properly cooked. Cool your cake completely in the pan before letting it out. Add your favourite toppings to the top. After that, slice and serve.

What are the items in a cake that go bad easily?

  • Cake frosting contains cream that needs to be refrigerated. It will go bad outside the refrigerator.
  • It also contains butter that will go bad if it is not refrigerated.
  • Eggs present in the cake can also cause food poisoning if they are not properly cooked in the cake or not stored in the refrigerator.
  • During the making process, the cake’s frosting can be contaminated with salmonella or other food-borne organisms and they can grow at room temperature causing the cake to spoil.

What is the right way to store a cake at the right temperature?

  • You need to cover your cake or put it into an airtight container before storing it in the refrigerator. It will last longer upto 6 days.
  • The cake will be protected from the elements, such as dust and humidity if you put it into the container.
  • Store the cake away from things that have strong odours, as the cake may absorb them.
  • If you follow these instructions, your chocolate cake should last 3-4 days in the fridge. It’s better to toss the cake if you see any signs of decomposition, such as mould or an unpleasant odour.
  • CDC gives us the refrigeration guidelines. According to these guidelines the temperature of your refrigerator should be or lower than 40 degrees Fahrenheit and it should not increase from this temperature otherwise bacterial growth will start and will spoil the food.


In this brief guide, we discussed the question, “can chocolate cake go in the fridge?” We also discussed how the chocolate cake is made and the ingredients in the cake that make it perishable. We also discussed the proper ways to store a chocolate cake.


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