Can cast iron teapots be put on the stove? (+9 Tips)

In this article, we will answer the question “Can cast iron teapots be put on the stove?”, and what is the safest method of using a cast iron teapot?

Can cast iron teapots be put on the stove?

No, you cannot put cast iron teapots on the stove. The cast iron teapots have an enamel coating which will break and crack when subjected to direct heat. This will make the iron warp, rust, or worst leak into your food rendering it unsafe for consumption.

When to save or throw away a burnt cast Iron teapot?

If the enamel layer of your cast iron teapot has been damaged due to improper use, there are a number of things you can do. In case the enamel coating is severely damaged, the teapot is of no use and should be discarded or use as a decoration piece. 

However, you can fix the small scratches and chips. Simply fill your teapot with boiling water and tea leaves. Discard the tea after 20 minutes. The tannic acid in the tea forms a natural seal upon its reaction with the rust or iron on the damaged or chipped area.

What is the safest method of using a cast iron teapot?

Japanese cast iron teapots are bets for both, decoration and brewing tea. Follow the instructions below to brew tea in a Japanese cast iron teapot.

  1. Pour warm water into the teapot. Introducing warm water into the teapot will keep the enamel coating from corroding due to thermal shock. 
  1. Add your favorite tea.
  1. Now add hot water into your teapot and cover it with a lid.
  1. Steep the tea for a specific time.
  1. Discard the tea leaves. Pour the concoction into your favorite cup of tea and enjoy.

Always remember the following things when using your cast iron teapots. This consideration will help enhance the longevity of the teapot.

  • A cast iron teapot should only be used for the purpose of brewing tea.
  • As discussed above, a cast iron teapot is not designed to withstand direct contact with heat. Therefore, do not place it on the stove.
  • A cast iron teapot should never go in the microwave.
  • A cast iron teapot is not dishwasher-safe. Therefore, do not wash it using a dishwasher. Instead, give it a rinse with water.
  • Use of abrasive pads or sponges and detergents to clean cast iron teapots is strictly prohibited. 
  • Wipe clean the exterior of the teapot while It is still warm from the inside.
  • Do not keep the tea concoction for extended periods of time inside the cast iron teapot.
  • Abrasives like oil or salt etc should never be used in the cast iron teapot.
  • Do not place the teapot under cool water. This will damage the enamel coating due to thermal shock.

How do you keep a teapot hot?

Use a teapot warmer If you will not be using your tea immediately after brewing. A teapot warmer has a candle that keeps your tea warm with mild heat.

Are there any health benefits of using cast iron teapots?

The modern cast iron teapots won’t release iron into your tea because of a durable enamel coating. Therefore, the health benefits of brewing tea in cast iron teapots are only those contained in the tea itself.

Why should I use cast iron teapots to steep my tea?


The colorful apparition of the cast iron teapots with intricate designs makes it pleasant to the eyes and highly impacts your experience of enjoying tea. These beautiful cast iron teapots come in various shapes, colors, sizes, and designs and can make for a great decoration piece in your kitchen or elsewhere.

Great steeping method

You cannot put the teapot on the stove but you can fill it ⅔ way with hot water and steep tea in it. A teapot without the enamel coating will suck up some of the flavors from your tea concoction. 

Therefore, do not steep different types of tea in this teapot, or else the flavors will interfere with each other.


Unlike ceramic, stoneware, glass, bone china, or Zisha clay teapot, whose parts will go missing over time. Cast iron teapots will survive decades If they are maintained with care.


To enjoy the experience of brewing and serving tea, you must brew it in a cast iron teapot. It has been the tradition for years. That is why avid tea lovers recognize its importance and delicacy.


In this article, we answered the question “Can cast iron teapots be put on the stove?”, and what is the safest method of using a cast iron teapot?