Can Brussel sprouts be frozen?

In this brief guide, we will discuss the following question, “can Brussel sprouts be frozen?”  and other queries related to this topic.

Can Brussel sprouts be frozen? 

Yes, Brussel sprouts can be frozen for up to one year. Freezing increases the shelf life of your Brussel sprouts since this vegetable can only last for about five days in the refrigerator. After that its quality starts to decline and so does its taste. 

Moreover, you can freeze your Brussel sprouts fresh or cooked. However, you should make sure to buy Brussel sprouts that have good quality. Also, you can not freeze your vegetables without cleaning them beforehand.

Furthermore, Brussel sprouts freeze very well as long as you follow several steps to treat them like blanching before freezing. Additionally, it is recommended to freeze locally-grown or home-raised Brussel sprouts because their quality will be better, and they do not have pesticides. 

How to freeze Brussel sprouts?

To freeze your Brussel sprouts you need to choose very high-quality produce. Because the main requirement in freezing fruits and vegetables is having good quality and the absence of any dark spots or mold signs. 

So, the first step in the process of Brussel sprouts freezing is separating the Brussels sprouts from the stalk. It is very simple but time-consuming. All you need is a sharp knife to cut the edge of the Brussel sprouts from the stalks. If your Brussel sprouts are already separated it is fine.

After that, pour your Brussel sprouts into a colander and soak them in cold water that contains kosher salt for thirty to forty minutes in order to remove any dirt, soil, worms, or insects. Then, after soaking in salted water, drain the dirty water and rinse them with cold water.  

Next, is the blanching step, which consists of heating water until boiling in a large pot. Once the water boils, the rinsed and drained Brussel sprouts are added to the water. The time needed for the Brussel sprouts to be done depends on their size.

The large-sized Brussel sprouts need around five minutes to be done, whereas medium-sized ones need four minutes, and the small ones need around three minutes. So, when they are done, Brussel sprouts are removed from boiling water and added immediately to an ice bath.

The reason behind adding the blanched Brussel sprouts to an ice bath is to stop their cooking and keep them firm and not overcooked. When the Brussel sprouts are cooled down, transfer and lay them on a clean kitchen towel to let them dry.

When your Brussel sprouts are well dried and all excess water has been removed, you have two options, whether transferring them into a pan where a parchment paper is laid and keeping them frozen in the freezer, and then transferring your vegetables into a freezer bag.

Or the second option is to directly transfer your well-dried Brussel sprouts into a freezer bag. However, try to not overpack the bag. Instead, pack them into a single layer and do not put the bag over each other because you will risk smashing your vegetables. 

Moreover, to keep them well frozen and to increase their lifespan in the freezer, make sure to not overcook your Brussel sprouts and to dry them off, because extra moisture will lead to ice formation on the external surface of the vegetable. 

Additionally, it is recommended to use a vacuum sealer to remove the excess air from inside the freezer bag. Also, some delay in putting the Brussel sprouts in the ice bath might lead to a mushy product.

What to look for when buying Brussel sprouts?

There are a few tips to follow when buying Brussel sprouts in order to ensure their quality. So, first, choose form and compact Brussel sprouts and avoid those having any signs of mold, insect damage, or dark spots. Also, avoid those having a soft and mushy texture.

Moreover, your Brussel sprouts should have a bright green color. Do not buy any vegetables having yellow leaves because that means they are old. Additionally, choose the small Brussel sprouts over the larger ones, because they have a sweeter and better taste.

How to defrost Brussel sprouts?

To thaw Brussel sprouts you need to remove your freezer bag five to ten minutes before using them in your recipe and let them defrost at room temperature. Moreover, you can directly remove them from the freezer and add them to your dish while cooking. 

Their small size makes the defrosting process very easy and convenient. Furthermore, adequate and appropriate freezing keeps your vegetable fresh for a long time which is about one year. However, defrosted Brussel sprouts can not be frozen once again.


In this brief guide, we discussed the following question, “can Brussel sprouts be frozen?” and other queries related to this topic.