Can Brita go in the fridge?

In this brief, we will answer the query, “can Brita go in the fridge?”. We will also talk about the frequency it should be cleaned and the filter to be changed.

Can Brita go in the fridge?

Yes, Brita filters should be stored in the fridge at all times. The manufacturer also emphasises storing the Brita in the fridge for optimum taste and freshness of the filtered water.

The Brita water filters have the potential to remove the chlorine from the water which is responsible for destroying bacteria in tap water. 

Since it removes the chlorine, the filtered water should not be kept outside of the fridge since the temperature zone between 40F and 140F is a favourable condition for the bacteria to multiply rapidly.

So it is recommended to store the Brita filters in the fridge to avoid any health issues that may occur by drinking filtered water stored at room temperature.

Can Brita be placed at room temperature?

Room temperature is a playing ground for the bacteria since they speed up their multiplication at temperatures between 40F and 140F. The Brita filter should not be placed at room temperature to avoid any bacteria growth.

It is not safe and hygienic to place the Brita filter at room temperature.

How often should you change Brita filters?

New models of Brita come with filter change indicators, so it is really important to keep an eye on those indicator lights. Different models of the Brita filters have different timelines for the change of filters.

The Brita standard filter should be replaced every 2 months, the Faucet filter every 4 months, and the Longlast every 6 months.

This time frame can change if you see mould growth inside of the Brita filters. If mould is seen, then discard the filter and clean the water filter to remove mould from it. 

Does Brita develop mould?

Brita filters are prone to developing mould even stored in the fridge. Mould develops in a moist and dark environment and the Brita filter is the favourable place for the mould to appear. The Brita filter should be frequently cleaned, if not done so, the mould growth cannot be stopped.

Drinking mould-infested water is dangerous to health. It can cause different health issues including mould allergies. 

Not cleaning the Brita frequently, not changing the filter in recommended intervals, and not storing Brita in the fridge is the main reason for the mould to develop.

Do bacteria grow in Brita?

It is common to think that Brita filtered water is free of bacteria. But this is not the case because Brita removes the chlorine from the tap water which is responsible for destroying the bacteria. Also, the mishandling of Brita also speeds up the multiplication of the bacteria.

The Brita should be frequently cleaned and filters need to be timely changed. Storage also plays a vital role in diminishing the growth of bacteria in the water in the Brita. Brita should always be stored in the fridge.

How often should you clean Brita?

Brita should be cleaned frequently, there is no said timeframe for the Brita to be cleaned. It is common sense that if one sees mould, mildew, or other unpleasant particles floating around in the water or the pitcher, it is probably time to clean the Brita.

Disassemble the Brita filter and scrub and clean the insides and outsides of the Brita. The hard plastic parts of Brita are dishwasher safe. 

Simply use the liquid detergent to scrub the mould away, if the detergent does not do the job, the use of bleach is always a handy tip.

Once the mould is scrubbed away, rinse off the Brita properly. Dry the Brita and make sure there are no traces of mould or the detergent or bleach used to clean. Reassemble the Brita, add a new filter and the Brita is nice and clean to be used again.

How long does Brita filtered water last in the fridge?

The Brita filtered water lasts for about 2-3 days with optimum taste and freshness in the fridge. The shelf life can be extended to 4-5 days but the taste and freshness will not be the same, it diminishes.

The water will still be healthy to consume after the 4-5 days mark but will not taste as good. 

If one does not like chilled water to drink, the manufacturer recommends storing the water in a dark, cool area away from sunlight and consumed within 1 hour.


In this brief, we answered the query, “can Brita go in the fridge?”. We also talked about the frequency it should be cleaned and the filter to be changed.

I hope to find this blog useful. If you have any questions, please let us know.