Can brewer’s yeast be used to make bread?

In this short article, we will provide an answer to the question “can brewer’s yeast be used to make bread?. We will also share a recipe for preparing bread using brewers’ yeast.

Can brewer’s yeast be used to make bread?

Yes, you may use brewer’s yeast in place of baking yeast if you’re preparing bread. Brewer’s yeast has a bitter taste, so it’s not a suitable option for leavened sweets, but it may produce delicious and savory bread.

Definition of yeast

Yeast produces carbon dioxide bubbles by reacting with sugars in flour, but the process needs kneading, heat, and a period for actual leavening (rising) to occur before baking. 

Yeast bread often takes longer to bake, but the yeast adds a lot of flavor and nutrients to the bread. With the addition of water, baking powder includes both the acid (cream of tartar) and a base (sodium bicarbonate), which interact to create carbon dioxide bubbles that cause bread to rise. 

This reaction occurs rapidly and at room temperature, greatly accelerating the baking process. However, if you use baking powder instead of yeast, you might not obtain the desired results.

How does Baker’s and Brewer’s Yeast differ?

Brewer’s yeast is regarded as inactive, whereas baker’s yeast is considered active.

Brewer’s yeast contains B-vitamins, protein, chromium, and vital amino acids, which are lacking in ordinary baker’s yeast.

What are the Advantages to Your Health?

It’s high in protein, with 2 tablespoons providing 13 grams!

Brewer’s yeast also contains a lot of B vitamins (B1, B2, B6, and B12, specifically). It also includes folic acid and iron, as well as a variety of other beneficial vitamins and minerals. It’s also used as a chromium and selenium supplement.

Brewer’s Yeast: Who Should Eat It?

Brewer’s yeast is a good supplement to include in your diet if you want to include a nutritious supplement to your diet.

Brewer’s yeast should certainly be included in the regular diet of breastfeeding mothers. It’s one among several nutrients (including oats, flax, and mustard) that have been shown to boost milk production.

Who Isn’t Supposed to Eat It?

People with Crohn’s disease should avoid using brewer’s yeast. It is also not advised for individuals who suffer from persistent migraines, since it may cause them to flare up.

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Method to prepare bread with brewer’s yeast


300 mL of water

A slurry of beer yeast (about 50ml)

500 g flour (extremely strong white)

10 g fine sea salt + 15 g cold water


  1. Handle this bread in the same way that you would with the sourdough starter, and try to stick as closely as possible to the instructions on this website.
  1. In a big mixing, the basin combined the water, yeast, salty water, and all of the flour continued to mix until all of the ingredients were combined into a big ball.
  1. Then knead the dough for approximately five to ten minutes, rolling this into a lump and placing it in a big mixing basin after it feels bouncy to the touch.  Put a tea towel over the dish and place it somewhere warm for the next few hours.
  1. Press the dough down and form it into a ball once again when it has doubled in size,  then refrigerate it overnight, allowing it to cook for 8-12 hours.
  1. Preheat the microwave to 220°C for a minimum of 30 minutes the following morning before baking. Before baking, pour the mixture on lightly greased baking paper and put in the .oven 
  1. Also, slice the dough with the pointed knife while it is rising to give it a seductive rip along the center. It took around 40 minutes to bake.
  1. After that, lower the temperature to 180°C  and cook for another 10 to 15 minutes. This is done to get a beautiful brown crust.
  1. That’s all; Remove the bread from the oven and set it aside to cool. It’s tempting to slice the warm bread right immediately, but wait till it cools down first; the flavor will develop even more if it sits for a bit.


In this short article, we provided an answer to the question “can brewer’s yeast be used to make bread?. We also shared a recipe for preparing bread using brewers’ yeast.


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