Can balloons go in the fridge?

In this brief, we will answer the query, “can balloons go in the fridge?”. We will also discuss how to keep the balloons from oxidation.

Can balloons go in the fridge?

One crazy question with an even crazier answer is that balloons that are uninflated can definitely go in the fridge. But one should be mindful to let the balloons come back to room temperature before inflating them to avoid any damage. Yes, one can store the balloons in the fridge to extend their lifespan.

Balloons that are inflated can also go in the fridge but be ready to see them shrink in size as the cold temperature will get the air pressure to decrease resulting in smaller balloons.

How to keep balloons from oxidation?

Oxidation is a process that will affect the latex balloons but not the foil and vinyl ones. The oxidation process in the balloons cannot be stopped by any means but the process can be slowed down with a few extra steps to keep the balloons shiny and bright for as long as possible.

The oxidation makes the balloons look chalky and dull. The use of certain shining chemical sprays that are available on the market like HI-FLOAT or the use of hairspray will certainly delay the oxidation process by some time.

These chemicals can be applied either on uninflated balloons or inflated ones. Just mix 2 parts water to 1 part of the chemical and apply with cotton whilst wearing gloves to avoid any hazards. Or if you have the one with a spraying nozzle then it’s easier to spray on the balloons.

What are the different types of balloons?

Balloons that are available in the market are made of three different types of materials. Here we will elaborate on each type of balloon available on the market.

Vinyl balloons

Vinyl balloons look similar to those latex balloons but are made of a different material called vinyl which is  UV resistant which is why the vinyl balloons are used outdoors because it does not change their shape or size because of the wind, sun, or rain.

Foil balloons

These types of balloons are made up of mylar, a type of nylon fibre as the inner layer, and aluminium foil as the outer thin layer. Foil balloons are the ones that come in different shapes and letters and numbers because of the type of material used.

Latex balloons

Latex balloons are made out of latex which is a substance derived from rubber trees. Most of the balloons found in the market are latex balloons. The material of latex balloons is porous which is why the latex balloons seem to lose air quite quickly.

How to store balloons properly?

Balloons whether inflated or uninflated do cost a fair price in the market. Balloons are a vital part of the decorations for any event nowadays. So proper storage is necessary. Here we will talk about how proper storage can be achieved.

Uninflated balloons

Uninflated balloons should be stored in cold, dark places so as to have them for a longer period without damaging them. 

Storing the balloons in the fridge is also a way to keep them in good shape but one should be mindful to let them return to room temperature before inflating them to avoid popping.

Inflated balloons 

Inflated balloons are to be stored in a dry, cool, and well ventilated place to avoid them to pop. balloons inflated either with normal air or helium gas can be placed in a room that does not have direct sunlight and away from your feline and canine friends because they will definitely pop them.

Storing the inflated balloons in big garbage bags or plastic containers loosely will also help to keep them for a longer time.

How to keep your inflated balloons last longer?

Inflated balloons either with normal air or helium gas make a beautiful decoration for any event. Everyone wants the pretty-looking decor to last for a longer time period, here we will talk about a few things to keep in mind when handling inflated balloons.

Keeping the inflated balloons away from any heat sources like the heater or hot water pipes will help. 

The heat will pop the balloons which is probably not the best thing to happen. Inflated balloons should be stored or kept in a dry, well ventilated area away from direct sunlight or any other light source.

Having them placed at room temperature between 68F to 72F helps increase the longevity of inflated balloons. 

Also keeping the balloons from oxidising is a major thing to consider. Using different chemical sprays available in the market like HI-FLOAT will do the magic.


In this brief, we answered the query, “can balloons go in the fridge?”. We also discussed how to keep balloons from oxidation.

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