Can avocados go bad in the fridge?

In this brief, we are going to answer the query, “can avocados go bad in the fridge?”.  We will also discuss the ways to keep avocados fresh for longer.

Can avocados go bad in the fridge?

No, avocados don’t go bad in the fridge if stored properly. Storing avocados in the fridge is very vital in order to maintain their ripeness for a few extra days. Avocados stored at room temperature tend to ripen quicker.

Who doesn’t love avocado on toast, that light green buttery, creamy goodness, the only issue is to keep the avocado in its prime for a longer time. Storing ripe avocados or unripe ones in the refrigerator is the answer to the longevity of the freshness of the avocados.

When you are out grocery shopping and see these green avocados in the fruit section and are tempted to buy loads of them but are always worried about them going brown and getting wasted. We are going to discuss different ways of storing and preserving avocados be it at room temperature, fridge, or in the freezer.

How to keep avocados fresh for longer?

Keeping avocados fresh for longer is not that hard if you know the right methods of storing them. Here we will discuss the ways avocados can be stored so that we can enjoy the buttery and creamy goodness full of nutrients for a longer period of time. 

Countertop/kitchen table

Avocados should be let stay at room temperature on the kitchen counter to ripen if you are planning to eat them in the next few days, precisely 2-3 days. Placing the avocados in brown paper bags will help them ripen faster.  


Storing avocados in the fridge can sound absurd to some, but it is normal to do so to extend their shelf life by a few more days. Placing avocados in the fridge slows the ripening process because avocados love being in warmer temperatures to ripen.


Yes, you can absolutely freeze avocados. But keep in mind not to freeze the whole ones. Always freeze the pureed or mashed avocados in airtight containers or in ziplock bags. Adding a bit of citrus i.e lime or lemon juice to it will maintain the green colour of avocados. 

How long do avocados last in the refrigerator?

Storing avocados in the refrigerator helps in the slowing of the ripening process of the fruit. The shelf life of the avocados in the refrigerator if they are ripe and the whole is about 3-4 days but if you have cut them in half or mashed them up then they would start to go brown in 1-2 days. 

Using brown paper bags to store whole avocados in the refrigerator will help extend the shelf life for a few more days. Cut or sliced avocados’ freshness can also be extended by storing them in airtight containers or wrapping them with cling wrap to avoid oxidation which makes the avocado go brown.

Is eating brown avocado ok?

Avocados when cut in half or sliced once coming in contact with oxygen tend to brown. This is because of the reaction called oxidation. Though it doesn’t look pleasant to the eye, it is absolutely ok to eat avocado that has gone brown. 

Simply scraping off the brown part can also do the trick, since the flesh underneath the brown part not exposed to oxygen will remain intact.

How to refrigerate avocados after cutting them in half?

The flesh of avocado when exposed to air starts a chemical reaction which is called oxidation which is the reason for them to get brown when cut open. It is no secret that avocados are delicate and they can quickly change colour after it’s been cut from a beautiful green to an unpleasant brown.

Few ideas to avoid avocado to brown after being cut or mashed are discussed here.

Lemon or lime juice

Using lemon or lime juice helps the browning process to slow because the acidity of the citrus stops the enzymes that help avocados to brown. It is the best way of keeping the guacamole or mashed avocado to its original form.  

Wrapping it up

The idea is to stop the oxygen from coming in contact with the exposed flesh of the avocados. The cut avocados need to be tightly wrapped with cling wraps or aluminium foil can also be used.

How to know if avocados have gone bad?


If the avocados smell a bit musky or funny then it sure has gone bad.


If the avocado feels a bit mushy and too soft at the touch then check by cutting them in half and do the look and smell test.


The skin of the avocados when ripe and gone bad has a similar brown colour. Always check the stem to see if it has gone brown too. If the flesh is brown when the stem is removed, cut in half, if it has turned brown, it’s wasted.


In this brief, we answered the query, “can avocados go bad in the fridge?”. We also discussed the ways to keep avocados fresh for longer.

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