Can apple pie moonshine go bad?

In this brief article, we’ll address the query: “Can apple pie moonshine go bad?” Also, we’ll address why apple pie moonshine can go bad, what apple pie moonshine is, how to store apple pie moonshine, and is apple pie moonshine healthy to drink. 

Can apple pie moonshine go bad?

Yes, apple pie moonshine can eventually go bad. Moonshine sans any flavor has a very prolonged shelf life that some even maintain is infinite if properly stored, but flavored moonshine, which may come with pieces of fruit and added nectar, will not keep as well or last as long, especially if opened. 

How can apple pie moonshine go bad? 

Apple pie moonshine can go bad, due to the sugars it contains, and if it’s the case, also due to the pieces of fruit submerged within.

Poor storage plays an important part in accelerating the process of flavored moonshine going bad; high temperatures, sunlight, and poorly sealed containers affect the sugar content and quality, as well as the microorganisms present, which altogether will alter the characteristics of the beverage.  

If a container filled with flavored moonshine is not properly sealed, the alcohol may begin to dry out and increase the sugar concentration. 

If microorganisms such as molds and bacteria find their way in when alcohol concentration is quite low, they will begin to grow in the moonshine and spoil the beverage, after which it should be discarded. 

Additionally, regardless of any bacteria or mold growing on it, spoiled flavored moonshine will have a foul taste and be quite unpalatable.   

How is apple pie moonshine made? 

Making apple pie moonshine requires mixing the ingredients, which are apple cider, apple juice, sugar, and cinnamon into a kettle.

The kettle should then be heated to near-boiling temperature, and after it has bubbled, the temperature should be lowered to keep the mixture simmering for one hour. 

Afterward, the heat can be turned off and the mixture left to cool. Once it has reached room temperature, the grain alcohol can be poured in and mixed with the cider, juice, sugar, and spices.

It should then be poured into a container (ideally a tight-sealing mason jar) and sealed shut. 

Some authors note that it should then be left to sit and blend for 2 months before being consumed, as the freshly added alcohol will have lessened its punch. 

For readers who don’t mind the taste of strong alcohol, the apple pie moonshine can be served without letting it sit and blend.  

What is apple pie moonshine

Apple pie moonshine is an alcoholic beverage made with grain alcohol, cinnamon, sugar, apple juice, and apple cider. 

Authors often profess its flavor to be that of “liquid apple pie” and there are many recipes that make minor adjustments to the spicing ingredients and liquid volumes. 

In essence, apple pie moonshine is an alcoholic beverage that once it’s been prepared, it will be left to sit and blend for about two months.  

Unlike historical moonshine, which alludes to illicit liquor distilled in makeshift breweries, apple pie moonshine is made from grain alcohol and has no connection to traditional moonshine, which is unaged whiskey. 

How can I store apple pie moonshine

Unopened apple pie moonshine can be stored in a pantry, at a cool temperature, and always bearing in mind that it shouldn’t be left exposed to sunlight. Unopened flavored moonshine can remain unspoiled for up to two years, if properly sealed. 

Once opened, flavored moonshine should be refrigerated, where it reportedly can last for three months, although tightly sealed it may last up to six months. 

Alternatively, it can also be stored in the subzero temperatures of a freezer, where it can allegedly keep for up to two years.  

Is apple pie moonshine healthy to drink? 

When consumed moderately, apple pie moonshine can be considered a harmless indulgence. 

However, due to its sugar content and alcohol volume, it is not ideal for patients with conditions such as diabetes, alcoholic fatty liver, and pregnant women to partake. 

Also, as it is an alcoholic beverage, drinking it without moderation may lead to inebriation, which may impair consumers and restrict them from carrying out activities such as driving, operating machinery, and even simple tasks such as walking. 

Of course, apple pie moonshine is strictly contraindicated to those battling substance abuse, namely alcoholism, and should under no circumstances, should it be served to minors. 

Patients with severe liver disease should also avoid apple pie moonshine, along with other spirits and alcoholic beverages. 

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In this brief article, we have addressed the query: “Can apple pie moonshine go bad?” Also, we have explored why apple pie moonshine can go bad, what apple pie moonshine is, how to store apple pie moonshine, and is apple pie moonshine healthy to drink. 


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