Can an Instant Pot Explode?

In this brief guide, we will answer the query, “Can an Instant Pot Explode?” and will discuss the reason why instant pot can explode.

Can an Instant Pot Explode?

Yes, instant pot can explode. The only way an Instant Pot can go off is if you operate it incorrectly. Overfilling, blockage of steam releasing valves and worn out sealing rings are the major reasons behind the explosion of an instant pot. There are ten safety measures incorporated into the system to guard against misuse.

What Sets Off an Explosion in an Instant Pot?

Instant pots have burst despite having safety features built into them. So, let’s take a closer look at how and why this occurs. Below is a list of potential reasons for an instant pot to explode.

·         Overfilling the Instant Pot to the point that it no longer has room to work

Any item that expands while cooking may clog or block the steam-releasing valves in an instant pot if it is overfilled. This will result in an over-pressurization and an explosion. Overfilling the instant pot is a common occurrence. It’s typical for quick pots to blow up when this happens.

·         Steam release valves are blocked

In the same manner that the steam release valves were blocked above, any obstruction might prevent the internal pressure from being released. Failure or malfunction may be the consequence. This obstruction may be brought on by several different factors.

Food particles trapped in the valve are the most frequent cause of obstruction. Regularly clean the instant pot’s steam release valves and other critical parts. To prevent any damage, keep the steam release valves clear of any obstructions. When a cloth or dish towel is draped over the steam valve, explosions may happen.

·         Failure to replace the sealing ring when it wears out

The sealing ring of your instant pot should be replaced every 12 to 16 months. You should also give it a good cleaning. Be aware that faulty sealing rings are often the blame for explosions.

Using the Instant Pot without consulting the manual or following the instructions Everything you should and shouldn’t do with your instant pot is explained in the handbook. It covers all the functions of the instant pot as well as safety precautions to take while using the appliance.

As a result, read the instructions carefully before using an instant pot or any other kitchen equipment.

Instant Pot Safety Features

To prevent any mishaps that might result in an explosion, instant pots are equipped with numerous safety measures.

·         Anti-Blockage Vent

Food and debris are kept out of the vent by the anti-blockage vent, which reduces the amount of trapped steam and the resulting high pressure. So, check the sealing ring for damage or debris before using your instant pot.

·         Pressure control

A safe pressure range is maintained by the automated pressure controller. When the pressure within the pot reaches 15.23 psi, a valve opens and steam escapes.

Instant pots are equipped with an additional safety feature if the regulator malfunctions. The cooker’s pot is tipped to the side. It allows the steam to escape by creating a gap between the lid and the inside pot. After that, it prevents any additional heating from occurring.

·         The lid is secured with a safety lock

Using the safety lock lid prevents the pressure cooker from being accidentally opened during cooking. An additional feature of the lid is a sensor that detects leaks or an incorrect cooking position.

·         Control of Temperature

When using the instant pot’s automatic temperature control, you may set the temperature depending on the kind of food you’re preparing.

A high-temperature sensor built into the cooker keeps food from scorching. If the internal temperature rises too high, a fuse will trip and cut the power.

Do you know how to use an Instant Pot?

When using an instant pot, the food is sealed within the pot as it warms. The pressure rises when steam is released into the enclosed area, shortening the cooking time.

You must keep an eye on the pressure to ensure your safety. A pressure regulator on an instant pot keeps the pressure between 10.12 and 11.6 psi. When the pressure in the instant pot rises over 15.25 psi, the steam should be immediately released.

Is it safe to keep an Instant Pot on while you’re not home?

Don’t leave the home for more than 15 minutes with an Instant Pot on. The safety of an Instant Pot cannot be overstated, since it has many built-in safety measures. However, unlike a Crock-Pot, an Instant Pot should not be left running unattended for a prolonged length of time.

To learn out how to properly use an instant pot, click here to read the manufacturer’s manual 


In this brief guide, we answered the query, “Can an Instant Pot Explode?” and discussed the reason why instant pot can explode.


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