Can Aluminum foil be used in a pressure cooker?

In this article, we will answer the question “Can aluminum foil be used in a pressure cooker?”, and what are the benefits of using aluminum foil in the pressure cooker?

Can aluminum foil be used in a pressure cooker?

Yes, you can use aluminum foil in a pressure cooker. Infrequent exposure to aluminum won’t be toxic for you. But the metallic taste that the aluminum imparts in your food is not very desirable. 

Regular use of aluminum foil in the pressure cooker is not recommended as It puts you at a greater risk of aluminum toxicity. 

Benefits of using aluminum foil in a pressure cooker 

Wrapping your food in aluminum foil helps lock all the goodness inside. That means food cooked this way in a pressure cooker will be more tender and flavorful. 

The metallic wrap provides a slow and steady source of heat which makes sure the food is cooked all the way through. Placing aluminum foil at the bottom and sides of the pressure cooker saves you the effort of cleanup. 

You can easily discard the used and dirty aluminum foil pieces. Aluminum foil can also serve as a makeshift lid for your pressure cooker. It does not allow the steam to escape by perfectly imitating the role of a lid. Last but not the least, a pressure cooker considerably reduces the cooking times. 

Helpful hints when using a pressure cooker 

Cooling off the pressure cooker

If you are making delicate foods like custard and vegetables, quick pressure release or rapid cooling is preferred. To do this, all you have to do is place your pressure cooker under cold running water until the pressure is dropped. 

When making roasts and ribs, natural pressure release is the way to go. Just keep the pressure cooker aside until It losses its pressure.

The recipe calls for ‘0-minute’ cooking 

If the recipe demands the ‘0-minute’ cooking, you need the pressure to build up to about 15 pounds. 

This is also signaled by the rocking of the regular or the steady escaping of the steam from the pressure cooker. After the pressure is built, let the pressure cooker cool as per the recipe directions. 

Types of pans you can use in a pressure cooker 

Oven tempered glass and metal bowls and pan which are oven-safe can be used in the pressure cooker. Lay a cooling rack at the bottom of the pressure cooker. Then place your pan. 

Make sure the pan does not touch the walls of the cooker. Do not fill more than ⅔ part of the pan. This is important to give space when food expands during cooking. Besides, oven-safe molds, glass custard cups, soufflé dishes, and springform pans can also be used in the pressure cooker. 

Use aluminum foil to make a ‘Lifter’

An aluminum foil lifter is a very useful way to easily lift pans from the pressure cooker. Cut the aluminum foil of the size of the pan plus 8 inches. The extra inches will help with holding and lifting the pan. 

The next step is to fold the aluminum foil sheet lengthwise such that It has a width of about 3 inches. During cooking, fold down the handles so that they do to interrupt the cooking process. 

Cooking at high altitudes 

The cooking time of the pressure cooker increases 5% for every 1000 feet above 2000 feet. In other words, 

6000ft 20%

Timing is important 

The time should be measure using a timer after the desired pressure is achieved inside the pressure cooker. The pressure can then be reduced as per the recipe guidelines. This is an important step to prevent overcooking your food.

Do not overfill your pressure cooker

Overfilling the pressure cooker with food will result in vent pipe blocking. Generally, pressure should not be fille more than ⅔ of its capacity. For food like rice, soups, grains, and beans, fill the cooker only halfway through. 

Because these foods expand significantly. Most pressure cookers have graduations inside so that you can easily fill up the cooker to the safe limit. Follow the manufacture’s guidelines for a specif food just to be sure.

Special cooking considerations for grains

Making grains in the pressure cooker is a very smart choice as it reduces the cooking time of the grains to a large extent. Grains that can be prepared in 30 minutes in the pressure cooker instead of spending 2 hours making grains through conventional methods. 

To counter the frothing, foaming, and sputtering of the grains in the pressure cooker, cook them in a metal pan or an oven-safe glass bowl in the cooker. The bow should not exceed the ⅔ graduation for the cooker.


In this article, we answered the question “Can aluminum foil be used in a pressure cooker?”, and what are the benefits of using aluminum foil in the pressure cooker?

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