Best coffee shops to study in Chicago (5+)

In this brief guide, we will be answering the question “best coffee shops to study in Chicago” we’ll be 

Best coffee shops to study in Chicago?

  • Hexe coffee co.
  • Heritage bicycles 
  • Café 53
  • Colectivo Coffee
  • Kusanya café 
  • Plein air café & eatery 
  • Build coffee 
  • La Colombe coffee roasters 

While Seattle is generally observed as the coffee center point of the nation, Chicago’s coffee scene is on the rising. Regardless of whether it’s simmering their reasonable exchange beans or making a network environment for individuals to meet up, bistros in Chicago are venturing up their game incredibly. Fragrant coffee, rich pour-overs, and delicious chomps await you at Chicago’s top coffee shops. 

 Sometimes your creativity hits a wall, and you cannot move past it. In my personal opinion, I have found myself in that situation one too many times. Changing up the environment you’re sitting in can help with getting that creativity flowing. Coffee shops are known for just sitting and getting work done. Even if you need to take a break from working in your office or at home, coffee shops are your escape.

 In any case, it seems as though you’re on the lookout for a decent coffeehouse. One with Wi-Fi, sources, and possibly a few snacking items, since you can’t do anything without snacks. Here are some incredible coffee houses where you can get some work done.

  • Hexe Coffee Co.

Hexe Coffee Co. is a large industrial feeling coffee shop, located in Roscoe Village filled with office suites and places for brunch. It is a great place, with a ton of space to work.

Hexe has great coffees and pastries. The staff is amazing, and if you need a pick me up more than coffee, you’re in luck they serve alcohol too.

  • Heritage bicycles

Located on Lincoln Avenue, Heritage combines two very different concepts bikes and coffee. The whole aesthetic of this place is rare and feels very unique. You can get your coffee fix while getting your bike checked out too.

  • Café 53

Café 53 is more of a college café vibe. There are plenty of tables for you to sit at, and the place is great for a big gathering or group study/projects. If you’ve got a bit of a sweet, they also serve gelato and many other varieties of sandwiches and coffee. Be sure to check this one out, it is located in Hyde Park.

  • Colectivo Coffee

Located at Clark Street in Lincoln Park. This coffee shop has been in the game since 1933. Their name back then was Alterra Coffee, but later they changed it to Colectivo Coffee. Colectivo has many locations, and now it’s finally in Chicago. There outdoor seating is great, considering nowadays people need to be 6ft apart. Colectivo has a large outdoor patio and lots of seating space. It is also good for a large gathering or group projects.

  • Kusnaya Café

Kusnaya is located in Englewood. This place screams cozy. Once you’re sat down, you won’t want to leave. They have all sorts of varieties of food, and they are super cost-efficient. They also host community events, like poetry reading, or music night.

  • Plein Air Café& Eatery

Also, in Hyde Park. This café has a lot of natural lighting in the mornings and gives you such a boost of energy. It’s a favorite, it’s always busy but not too packed you can always find a place here. They have great coffee, as well as cakes, sandwiches and salad bowls. It the perfect industrial aesthetic.

  • Build Coffee

This coffee place is located in the experimental station on the south side, and it’s a lot like you’re sitting at home. It is a nice and comfortable environment. This coffee shop also doubles as a bookstore which is awesome if you’re a reader like me and need a bit of a break from all the work this is the place for you.

  • La Colombe Coffee Roasters

La Colombe is located in the pretty neighborhood of Andersonville. This coffee shop is great, the ambiance is even better. You’ll feel a surge of motivation coming on just by sitting here. There are plenty of big tables where you can get your work started without.

The weekends are too busy, and they turn their WIFI off as well, but during the weekdays it’s a great place to catch up on some work.

Bottom line

There are a lot more of these amazing coffee shops, but these are out top 8 that will get you into the mood of getting some work done. They provide the essential coffee and snacks that you need to achieve your daily quota. Whether you are studying for a final or just really need to get that assignment these places can provide you a sort of a haven to do so.

In this brief guide, we talked about “best coffee shops to study in Chicago” and talked more in-depth about what makes these places unique.


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Esha Hamid is currently a medical student. She is a highly-skilled professional with the ambition to learn and improve her skills. Driven by her passion for coffee, she loves to experiment with coffee from all around the world. She is a well-rounded coffee enthusiast, who can take on any role as needed. She is currently enrolled at Plovdiv Medical University. In her free time she likes to cook, and experiment with new coffee recipes.

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