Benefits of gas oven vs electric oven

In this brief guide, we will address and answer the query, “What are the benefits of a gas oven compared to an electric oven?” and answer other related questions like “How does an oven work?”

What are the benefits of a gas oven as compared to an electric oven?

There are many benefits of the gas oven and electric oven. Listed below are a few of the benefits:

Gas oven

  1. A gas oven functions with the help of natural gas. It is operated using a gas-fuelled burner. The food is cooked with the help of the flame generated by the burner. This type of oven requires a continuous flow of natural gas to function smoothly.
  2. In a gas oven, the heat gets generated inside the cooking chamber with the use of gas burners that release natural gas to ignite flame.
  3. This provides a good advantage by allowing the user to moderate the temperature more precisely by controlling the flame speed and allowing the food to get cooked quickly.
  4. As compared to an electric oven, a gas oven is much cheaper and cost-effective.

Electric oven

  1. An electric oven is very different as compared to a gas oven.  Unlike the gas oven, the electric oven uses electricity to generate heat. It works on the principle of current flowing through a coil. The oven consists of heating elements.
  2. Electric ovens as compared to gas ovens provide a better heating environment. This allows the dish to cook evenly both externally and internally.
  3. An electric oven is the most widely preferred option when it comes to roasting and broiling a dish.

How does an oven function?

Following are the points highlighting the functioning of an oven.

Ovens are of two types. Convection oven and conventional oven. Which type of oven one should buy or keep depends upon the user’s personal preference and the space available in a kitchen or household.

Features of a convection oven

  1. A convection oven allows a food dish to bake more evenly. This is because of the balanced distribution of heat.
  2. Less rotation of the heating rods.
  3. The browning, crisping, roasting, etc. of food dishes is more satisfactory and fulfilling.
  4. Baking and roasting time duration is less.
  5. Can be preheated very quickly. Doesn’t require much time.
  6. Allows multiple dishes to be cooked at the same time.
  7. The timer settings allow longer baking cycles. This keeps the dishes from drying out.

Features of a conventional oven

  1. A conventional oven has a more user-friendly interface and simpler functioning.
  2. Recipes of a majority of dishes are written down based on the usage of a conventional oven.
  3. An oven is used for cooking/roasting and baking. Food items such as meats, vegetables, cakes, cookies, pies, etc. can all be prepared using an oven.


Baking is the process of preparing a dish that is cooked using dry heat. This is generally achieved in the interior of an oven. An oven is the most convenient tool available for baking. The most common food items which are prepared by way of baking are bread, cakes, cookies, biscuits, etc. There is a wide range of dishes that are baked in an oven.

In baking, the heat would slowly get transferred to the center of the dishes, moving over from their surface.


Roasting is a type of cooking. Unlike when done using a stove, it is done using an oven. The food item is placed inside the oven in the pan which is left uncovered. The dish is dry cooked as compared to the wet form of cooking such as braising, stewing, steaming, etc. The heat within the interior of the oven gives rise to dry air.  This slowly and gradually heats the food item, roasting it evenly from all sides.

Depending on the recipe and the roasting can be achieved as per requirement by changing the temperature settings in the oven to low, moderate, or high.

  • Food items such as meats when cooked in an oven get a crispy delicious outer layer. The meat feels juicy on the inside. Cookies, biscuits, cakes, brownies, bread, etc. can all be prepared in many different ways using an oven.

What is an oven?

An oven is a multipurpose and multi-utility tool. Ovens come in many different sizes. Different ovens have different heating capacities. The user has the option to choose from a wide range of models depending upon their preferences and requirements. An oven is one of the most basic kitchen appliances.


In this brief guide, we have addressed and answered the query, “What are the benefits of a gas oven compared to an electric oven?” and answered other related questions like “How does an oven work?”


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