Are you supposed to tip DoorDash? (+7 DoorDash features)

This article will discuss if you are supposed to tip DoorDash. We will also be explaining how you can tip your delivery person on DoorDash. Furthermore, we will be discussing the different features that DoorDash offers. DoorDash is currently operating in the United States, Canada, Australia and even Japan.

Are you supposed to tip DoorDash?

Yes, you are supposed to tip DoorDash. While it is not mandatory to do so, customers are always encouraged to tip their delivery persons in DoorDash as they may not make so much money otherwise. The minimum acceptable tip for any delivery is 10 percent of the order subtotal, while any lower percentages signify dissatisfactions of the services.

Many dinner-table arguments that cover the topic of tipping agree that it needs to be done every time with every order. However, the amount can be much lesser when the experience has really been bad with the delivery. Tipping can also depend on the local culture. In some countries it is considered normal, whereas in others it can be considered an insult.

When it comes to the amount, a large percentage of food delivery app customers feel that 20 percent of the order subtotal is a good tip and any lesser is considered demeaning. The dilemma of the tipping amount has also created waves and debates in social media, especially with the ‘tip-baiting’ debacle.

How to tip the delivery person on DoorDash?

Earlier, cash was the most accepted form of payment for tips. However, today there are many different payment modes available. Tipping can also be done through the DoorDash app itself. Customers need not worry here as 100% of the tip goes to the delivery person. To tip a delivery person on the DoorDash app, you can follow the steps given below.

  • First, you will need to place your order on the DoorDashh app
  • Once the order has been placed, you can scroll down to the ‘Dasher Tip’ section of your page
  • In this section, you can select the tip amount that you want to give the delivery person
  • You can also tip the delivery person once your order has been completed. This will pop-up on your screen when you rate your Dasher

Unique features of DoorDash

DoorDash is the first choice when it comes to food delivery for millions of users every day. Through DoorDash, users can place orders and get hot food delivered to their homes in a very short span of time. The success of DoorDash is predominantly due to the large number of unique features that the platform boasts, such as:

A wide selection of restaurants

The great thing about DoorDash is that it has found its way into every nook and cranny of the country. In doing so, the food delivery app has curated a long list of restaurants and eateries that customers can choose from. DoorDash has options for fine-dining choices and even small hole-in-the-walls that bring plenty of variety to any customer.


Easy payment options

The payment for the food as well as the other fees involved in DoorDash is made possible through a number of ways. This food delivery app not only allows customers to pay through credit cards and debit cards, but also allows online banking and digital wallets such as Google Pay and Amazon Pay. Customers can also choose to pay for their food in cash.

Live tracking with push notifications

Once the order has been placed by the customer, DoorDash has push notifications that alert the individual of the various steps of the food delivery process. Customers can thus be ready to pick up their food even before the delivery person has reached their location. Live tracking feature is also available in DoorDash.

Superb filters

DoorDash uses multiple filters through which the restaurant and cuisine choices are streamlined for the tastes of the customer. The customer can apply useful filters for the restaurants as well as the dishes that are available. Filters can be those relating to the prices of the dishes, delivery time of the food order and even types of cuisines.

Top menu option

To make things easier and smoother for the customer, DoorDash has a top menu option through which the best dishes of the restaurant are displayed. These top dishes are not selected by the restaurant merchants themselves, but by the reviews and ratings provided by the other customers. Through the top menu option, the customer can easily pick their dish from large menus.

Dual rating system

DoorDash has a dual rating system to make the experience better for the customer. Through this system, the customer can rate the quality of the dish that they have received and also rate the delivery experience. This can help restaurants improve their menus and dishes. It can also help the delivery persons improve their work ethic and professionalism.

DoubleDash feature

DoorDash also has a DoubleDash feature in certain cities. In this feature, the customer can place an order from a certain restaurant. Once they are ready to check-out, they can click on the DoubleDash option which enables them to add items from convenience stores that operate nearby.


This article has discussed if you are supposed to tip DoorDash. We have also explained how you can tip your delivery person on DoorDash. Furthermore, we have discussed the different features that DoorDash offers.

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