Are wild strawberries safe to eat?

In this article, we will answer the question “Are wild strawberries safe to eat”? and discuss what is the difference between farm strawberries and wild strawberries? 

Are wild strawberries safe to eat? 

Yes. Wild strawberries are safe to eat. You can eat wild strawberries as they are very delicious. They can be used as medicinal plants. There are two types of wild strawberries, true wild strawberries and mock strawberries. 

Mock wild strawberries originated from southeastern Asia and also found in China, Japan and Indonesia. In America these strawberries are grown as ornamental plants but soon become a wild species. 

On the other hand, wild strawberries are grown in the United States. These are the perennial herbaceous plants. Wild strawberries are unique and can be grown in chalky soil or soil that has a high level of limestone.  

Mock strawberries are not poisonous to eat but these are not delicious as they don’t have the specific flavor. 

While the wild strawberries are delicious and their taste is similar to the strawberries that you bought from the market.  Wild strawberries have a very strong flavor and these are good for your health. They are small compared to commercial strawberries.

They have low calories and are a rich source of vitamin C, folic acid and polyphenols. The antioxidant can reduce the chance of cancer by inhibiting the cancer cell growth. 

Wild strawberries have three types and the most important is Virginia that has a sweet taste and excellent flavor.  These strawberries have light green leaves and tiny fruit. 

Coast or beach have dark green leaves. These are edible but not as flavorful as Virginia. Woodland strawberries grow in moist areas and have large flowers and leaves with fairly large fruit. 

Where are wild strawberries found?

You can find wild strawberries throughout Canada and the United States. Strawberries prefer dry and loamy soil and these grow near the roadsides and woods. 

What is the difference between farm strawberries and wild strawberries?

Wild strawberries are wild plants with tiny fruit. Commercial strawberries are produced by crossing wild strawberries with Chilean strawberries. First variety was reported in the 1800’s. 

Both wild strawberries and farm strawberries are juicy and sweet in taste. 

Both types have a bright red color when ripe. Farm strawberries grow in the farm basically for fruit. These are the rich sources of Vitamin C and tannins. 

These are used for teeth whitening and skin tightening. These strawberries can boost the immune system because these are the rich source of antioxidants. These are bigger than the wild strawberries and provide a more edible portion. 

Wild strawberries are used for their leaves as compared to farm strawberries, because fruit of wild strawberries are very small.  

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How do you ripen strawberries?

Can you grow your own strawberries? 

Yes, you can grow your own strawberries although it is difficult for you. The main problem of growing wild strawberries is that you can’t easily find the seeds. Rather it is a tough job for you to find strawberries seeds. Because wild strawberry seeds are not available in the market. 

The process is relatively simple. You can plant strawberries in the seed buds, ground or container. Ensure that your strawberries plant can get the sun light at least for eight hours. 

Please make sure soil is slightly acidic having a pH 5.5 to 6.8. You can add organic matter in the soil. Water them every week. Don’t overwater and don’t wet the leaves during watering. Add fertilizers in the soil regularly so that your plant grows well. Production and yield of fruit increase and you get bigger fruit so you can sell them in the market. 

Upon ripening when these are ready for harvesting, you should harvest them in the cool morning. Heat can destroy your commodity. To avoid spoilage after harvesting, place them in the refrigerators. 

How to use strawberries for food and medicines? 

Strawberries are a rich source of vitamin V, potassium, fiber and folic acid. Native people used them for medicinal use. Recent research shows that antioxidants in strawberries are used for fighting cancer. 

Strawberry juice is used for fever and sunburn. Apply strawberries juice on the affected area for half an hour and then rinse. You can remove tartar. You can hold fruit in your mouth for 5 minutes followed by brushing. 

Strawberry leaves contain high amounts of vitamin C. You can use leaves for making tea. Strawberries leaves tea is useful for urinary tract infection, stomach pain and cold. 

For making tea add some teaspoon of dry or fresh leaves in the boiling water and leave it for 10 to 15 minutes. Make sure that leaves are completely dried or fresh because wilted leaves can cause mold infection. In the past people used strawberry roots for the cure of diarrhea. 


In this article, we answered the question “Are wild strawberries safe to eat”? and discussed what is the difference between farm strawberries and wild strawberries? 

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