Are wild bananas edible?

In this article, we will answer the question “Are wild bananas edible”? and discuss do wild bananas have seeds? 

Are wild bananas edible? 

Yes, wild bananas are edible. Depending on the type of wild bananas, wild bananas have a fruity flavour and delicious and sweet taste as compared to bananas that are available on the market. You can’t eat bananas that belong to balbissiana species which have hard, stony seeds and these stones make them inedible. 

In the case of acuminata species, you can eat them, but it may cause problems due to their structure. Just like plantain, wild bananas are hard and seedy and you can only see the flesh around the seeds. Although wild bananas are edible, avoiding them is the better choice for you. 

Eating bananas is difficult for most people who are not used to eating raw foods in the forests. The main problem you may face while eating wild bananas is pea shaped Stoney, hard seed. 

Wild bananas are sweet but eating them is not an easy task for you due to so many hard and chewy seeds.

Whether You can Eat wild bananas or not is dependent on how you perceive the presence of wild banana seeds. If you can manage them easily and their presence does not matter for you then it is a suitable choice for you. But if their presence offends you then it is not edible for you. 

Shapes of wild bananas 

Wild bananas have different shapes, and they are not similar to regular bananas although they have a sweet taste and flavour. The shape and structure depend on the climate condition of that area where they grow. They have pointed ends and protruding from the middle. 

As the skin is attached to flesh through fibre lining it is a difficult task for you to remove the skin. You may lose major fruit portions with peel during peeling wild bananas. 

Wild bananas are edible, they are not poisonous, you can eat their seeds, it won’t kill you. Wild bananas have many types.

Seedless wild bananas

There is a type of banana that grows in Costa Rica forests, and these are completely seedless.  Their trees look like shrubs, and they have thin and small fruit. 

Their fruit is sweet and tasty and known as baby bananas. Keep away from insects and birds until ripe. These are 3 to 4 inches long, seedless and you can them upon ripening. 

Domestication of bananas 

Bananas can be domesticated from two wild species known as Musa balbisiana and Musa acuminata for regular cultivation. Although it took a long time for domestication, you can develop several outshoots once it is domesticated. 

Cavendish type is the most popular type for dessert. It is the longest and largest type of banana that is available in the market. As bananas don’t have a specific season so it is available in the market around the year. 

How to eat wild bananas? 

All over the world wild bananas are available in the local markets of hilly and forest areas. But they may look different from the regular bananas as they have odd shapes and may not have spectacular yellow skin. 

As they occur naturally so they have different tastes and flavours. You can use the banana pulp in smoothies and shakes. You can ask locals how to eat wild bananas. They have the best methods to eat wild bananas. 

Do wild bananas have seeds?

Yes, wild bananas have seeds. So, the question is why wild bananas have seeds? Wild bananas have seeds due to differences in breeding styles. Wild bananas need seeds for reproduction. As there is no proper way of breeding in the forest, wild bananas propagate through their seeds. 

But the regular and commercially grown bananas can be grown by the method of breeding. In which pups are used for further growth. Pup is a small plant that is developed from rhizomes. You can plant pups anywhere you want to grow a new plant of bananas. 

Can you eat banana seeds? 

You can eat banana seeds. It is not poisonous and won’t kill you. But people don’t like to eat them. Instead, they cut bananas into slices and removed seeds and used bananas in the salads. But you can consume seeds if you want, it has no taste, but it can be delicious. 

The taste of bananas depends on climate and location. If you want to eat seeds, try baby bananas that are grown in the region of Costa Rica. 

Can you grow seeded bananas at home? 

Yes, you can grow seeded bananas at home. Find the seed and grow seeded bananas at home. You can contact nurseries for seeds. Most of the nurseries have banana seeds. 

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In this article, we answered the question “Are wild bananas edible”? and discussed do wild bananas have seeds?