Are watermelon rinds good for dogs?

In this article, we will answer the question “Are watermelon rinds good for dogs”? and discuss what happens if dogs eat watermelon rinds? 

Are watermelon rinds good for dogs?

No, watermelon rinds are not good for dogs. Even though it has nutritional value, dogs can’t eat watermelon rind and seeds as it is not safe for dogs. Dogs can’t chew watermelon rind although it is delicious, give dogs seedless watermelon to avoid any danger. You should remove watermelon rind and seeds before giving them to dogs.

Watermelon is a rich source of nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin B6, potassium, and antioxidants. Watermelon has low calories and high moisture content. It contains about 92% of water and it is cholesterol-free. 

Watermelon is safe for dogs but in a small quantity. It is a super fruit for dogs but without rind and seeds. Fruit fibre can prevent sugar absorption in the bloodstream. Antioxidants can prevent cancer cells.

Watermelon rind can cause serious health problems in dogs. It may cause problems in the digestive system which leads to diarrhoea, intestinal blockage and stomach upset.

What happens if dogs eat watermelon rinds?

Watermelon rinds won’t kill your dogs but it is not good for dogs because it can cause problems in the dogs.  Dogs may experience intestinal blockage, diarrhoea, vomiting and problems in the digestive tract.

So, if you dog ingested watermelon melon rinds in small amounts don’t panic, it’s safe but if your dogs eat watermelon rinds in large amounts contact your vet immediately.

Can dogs eat watermelon rinds?

No, dogs can’t eat watermelon seeds as it is not safe for dogs and if they eat watermelon rinds it can cause serious health problems depending upon the quantity that dog consumes.

Are watermelon rinds and seeds bad for dogs?

Yes, watermelon rinds and seeds are bad for dogs. Don’t feed your dogs watermelon rinds and seeds and if your dogs consume watermelon rinds in large quantities contact the vet for medical intervention.

Can dogs eat watermelon?

Yes, dogs can eat watermelon. It is a rich source of nutrients and may be beneficial for your dogs if consumed in moderate quantities. It is safe for dogs but you should remove seeds and rind before use as rinds are not beneficial for dogs instead they have adverse effects on health.

Watermelon contains 95% water which keeps your dog hydrated. It has low calories and fat so it will not cause stomach problems or allergy and it’s not poisonous to dogs.

Watermelon can provide water, it is a rich source of vitamins and minerals and it can maintain the immune system of dogs. Don’t provide watermelon in huge quantities.

Feed your dog a cup of diced water per day, it contains 45.6 calories. Don’t overfeed because it can create stomach upset, constipation and diarrhea.  Feed your dog a limited amount of fresh fruit as recommended by the vet.

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How to offer a watermelon to your dogs?

Fresh chunks

The best idea to offer watermelon seeds to your dog is to feed them fresh chunks. You can cut the watermelon into pieces, remove seeds, rinds and green skin and offer chunks to your dogs. You can also make a puree and mix them in the dog’s regular foods.


You can offer frozen watermelon chunks or puree to dogs, just cut the watermelon, remove rinds and skin, put it in an ice cube to freeze and feed it to your dogs. It is the perfect summer treat for your pet.

Doggie ice cream

You can offer doggie ice cream to your dogs. Make puree, mix them with coconut water and put them inside the ice cube tray and freeze. This is a good idea if your dog doesn’t like watermelon.


Dehydrated watermelon is safe for dogs. But it doesn’t provide enough water. Offer dehydrated fruits to pets your dog will like in summer weather. Cut watermelon, remove seeds and rinds and place them in the dehydrator to dry watermelon until they obtain a leathery structure. You can use it for treats and rewards.


Watermelon juice is safe for dogs if it has no sugar or any other additives.

Are there any benefits of watermelon rinds for humans?

Yes, watermelon rinds have a lot of benefits for human beings.

Watermelon rinds can maintain blood pressure and strengthen immunity. It can be used for a healthy pregnancy. Watermelon rinds are important for healthy skin. It can also help in weight loss. It is beneficial for libido, chronic ailments and prostate health.

Do watermelon seeds safe for dogs?

No watermelon seeds are not safe for dogs. Dogs can’t eat watermelon seeds because dogs can’t digest watermelon seeds and when they eat watermelon seeds it can cause digestive problems, stomach upset and intestine blockage.

If they consume seeds in small amounts it is okay but eating large quantities can cause problems in the dogs.

Is watermelon skin safe for dogs?

No, watermelon skin is not safe for dogs and even for humans. Watermelon skin can be poisonous to dogs and cause health issues. You should remove the skin before use.


In this article, we answered the question “Are watermelon rinds good for dogs”? and discussed what happens if dogs eat watermelon rinds? 

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