Are snake eggs edible?

In this article, we will answer the question “Are snake eggs edible”? and discuss are snake eggs poisonous and are snake eggs soft? 

Are snake eggs edible?

Yes, snake eggs are edible.  Snake eggs are safe to eat if they cook properly. Cooking and eating snake eggs are similar to chicken eggs.  Snake eggs have high nutritional value and are a rich source of protein. Most Asian countries eat snake eggs for breakfast and other meals.

Are snake eggs poisonous?

No, snake eggs are not poisonous as long as they are cooked like a chicken egg. These are edible when the embryo in eggs is in a conducive environment. In Asian countries, these eggs are considered a delicacy. Some snakes lay eggs they are known as oviparous, others are viviparous or ovoviviparous.

Oviparous: These snakes lay eggs. These eggs require an incubation period for hatching and complete incubation after laying.

Ovoviviparous: These snakes keep eggs inside and give birth to young ones after completion of the gestation period internally.

Viviparous: In these species, babies develop directly from the placenta and yolk sac. This process is extremely rare.  

Eating snakes depends on the culture and the individual choice, as some people don’t like the taste of snakes. Humans can eat raw, cooked or semi-cooked eggs. If there is an offspring inside eggs it may become poisonous. So, avoid raw eggs. Boiling destroys the venom in snakes but the implication depends on anyone’s health and immunity.

Consuming snakes’ eggs can cause allergic reactions in humans although many types of research prove them safe for human consumption. These have high nutritional value and can increase the fertility and libido in humans. In China, people think that snake eggs can boost immunity.

To produce eggs in abundance snakes are bred in captivity. Chinese produced snake eggs, and in some villages, people live on snakes and their eggs as well. Since a long time ago people have used snakes and their eggs for food. 

Now you can find snake soups, gravy and other snake dishes in the market. The cost of dishes varies from restaurant to restaurant. 

Countries that eat snakes and their eggs

There are many countries where people use snakes and their eggs in meals. Here we discuss some countries.

Vietnam: Snakes are the most famous delicacy in Vietnam. They used snakes for meals for making a lot of dishes and their blood for making wine. They also use cooked snake eggs but the probability is less than snake meat.

Thailand: In Thailand, snakes are considered a healthy and tasty meal. People use cobra, snakes and rats for meals.

Indonesia: Indonesian use cobra blood shoots to improve bedroom performance and fertility. You can eat snake gallbladder; it may cure a range of ailments.

China: Chinese use snake soup as a traditional meal as it has healing properties.  It is mostly used in cold areas because it can warm your body. It can be made from different types of snakes like pythons, cobra, water snakes and kraits.

Japan: Traditional soup is made from highly venomous snakes. In this soup, snakes are used with skin. This soup is served for royal families or very special occasions.

Snake eggs shape

Snake eggs are different from other birds’ eggs because they have a fair oval shape. Some eggs are long and thin compared to traditional eggs but it depends on the species. Snake eggs have an off-white to yellow colour which turns brown after some time. Mostly it is found in clusters or clings together and form huge clumps.

Are snake eggs soft?

Snake eggs are soft. Snake eggs are different from other bird eggs as they are softer than traditional eggs. They don’t have shells and feel like liquid containing sacs. They have a smooth structure and you can easily squeeze them. They are fragile and you should handle them with care.

Although there is no clear reason for softness, it is thought that moisture can transfer across the soft membrane. and due to this softness snakes can keep more eggs and lay them easily and increase the reproduction rate.

Eggs can stick to each other because freshly laid eggs are wet. These sticking can maintain the temperature and moisture level in the eggs.

Do snakes sit on their eggs?

Generally, snakes do not sit on their eggs and provide parental care because they are fragile and sitting on them might be dangerous. However, some snakes sit with eggs and wrap them until hatching. This process is known as brooding.

Some species of snakes protect their eggs by brooding and staying there for two to three months till hatching. King cobra species make the nests and protect them.

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In this article, we answered the question “Are snake eggs edible”? and discussed are snake eggs poisonous and are snake eggs soft? 

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