Are salt lamps safe to leave on?

In this article, we will answer the question “Are salt lamps safe to leave on”? and discuss the benefits and drawbacks of salt lamps. 

Are salt lamps safe to leave on?

Yes, salt lamps are safe to leave on. You can leave the salt lamp overnight to feel the calming effect. The bulb has very low power and can’t burn the crystal or the wooden base. 

Make sure that their switch is not faulty and UL certified as the faulty switch itself can catch on fire. If they have a UL certified switch then you can leave them overnight, it is safe and can’t cause any adverse effect.

What is the Himalayan salt lamp?

The Himalayan salt lamp is a salt lamp that is made from the salt crystal that is hollow out to fit a low power bulb. It gives a pink glow when lit.  It is made from salt crystals that are obtained from the Khewra Salt mine which is located in Pakistan. 

It is millions of years old and it is similar to table salt but it has some minerals that give it a pink colour. The demand for salt lamps increases day by day because it has many benefits. There are many imitations of Himalayan lamps so make sure you purchase the original one to get the maximum benefits.

Do Himalayan salt lamps have benefits?

Yes, the Himalayan salt lamp has benefits. Himalayan salt lamps can purify the air. When heated it emits negative ions that can promote respiratory health and vitality. Negative ions are important for our body which can create a soothing effect that can help you sleep better at night, make you feel less fatigued, and can reduce headaches.

It can cause Higher levels of relaxation and Less congestion and also increased the sense of wellbeing.

How do Himalayan salt lamps work?

When the salt crystal heated with a low power light bulb it released purified water vapour back to the air. Also, it releases the negative ions which fight against the positive ions that are caused by dust, pollution, pollen, animal fur and electronic devices. It can improve the quality of air.

Can you eat a salt lamp?

Yes, you can eat a salt lamp as it is made from a salt crystal that is edible and safe to eat. Apart from flavours that have cooking concerns, it is safe to eat and doesn’t harm you.

Is a salt lamp toxic to birds?

No, salt lamps have no toxic effect on birds. It has no concern for birds.

Do salt lamps have drawbacks?

The answer is yes. Yes, salt lamps have drawbacks. Let’s discuss in detail:

The salt lamp may corrode

A salt lamp is safe to leave if you control corrosion. Yes, salt lamps may corrode your furniture If you never turn them on. You can see the water drop on the surface where the salt lamp is placed. 

This is because salt is corrosive and hygroscopic, they can absorb moisture from the environment and then drop it down on the surface where it is placed. If there is a metal surface they can corrode that metal surface due to the reaction between saltwater and the metal.

It can also corrode the wooden surface and even the lamp’s base. To avoid corrosion make sure that the salt lamp is placed on the mat and it is dry if you keep the salt lamp in the bathroom, kitchen and basement.

Salt Lamps Aren’t Durable

This is another drawback of salt lamps. The salt lamp is not durable as compared to other lamps that are long-lasting. It can easily break because it is made from brittle salt crystals. The white Himalayan salt lamp is more expensive and fragile as it takes more time to sourcing and carving.

Heavy salt lamp

Beware of heavy salt lamps. Salt lamps are heavier than the normal lamp and it is difficult to handle them. Handle them carefully as they can easily break.

If salt lamps are not properly carved then they might have an irregular shape so it has a heavy topside and can fall even on slide push.

When you buy a salt lamp make sure that it is properly attached to the wooden base because low-quality lamps are not properly attached to the wooden base.

Salt lamps and animals

Salt lamps are not safe for the animals like cats as they can cause salt poisoning in the cats. Cats can lick the salt lamp.  Cats can take 16.7 mg of salt for daily use and if they take more salt it can cause vomiting, diarrhoea, accumulation of too much fluid and sometimes death. Place the lamp where it is not accessible to cats.

Danger for children

Salt lamps are also dangerous for children. Although they don’t have the habit of licking salt, there is the probability of licking and excess salt can cause gastric problems. They are heavy and might fall on children. So, place the lamp in a safe place away from the children.


In this article, we answered the question “Are salt lamps safe to leave on”? and discussed the benefits and drawbacks of salt lamps.

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