Are runny eggs safe?

In this article, we will answer the question “Are runny eggs safe”? and discuss whether you can microwave the eggs and are runny eggs safe for pregnant ladies. 

Are runny eggs safe?

No, runny eggs are not safe. You should avoid runny eggs because they can cause food poisoning. Raw eggs contain salmonella which can cause salmonellosis that is characterized by fever, diarrhoea and abdomen cramp. 

People who have strong immunity can recover without medicine but infants and elderly who have weak immune systems can’t recover without medication. A simple way to kill salmonella is to cook eggs at 160 0F which means no runny yolk.

Pasteurized eggs

Pasteurization can lower the risk of salmonella in raw and runny eggs. Pasteurization is heating the eggs to kill bacteria but not long enough to cook the eggs. These pasteurized eggs are safe to eat.

But there is some downside to buying pasteurized eggs. Like unpasteurized eggs, these are not easily available in the market. These are expensive as compared to unpasteurized eggs. Never buy unrefrigerated eggs and cook eggs at 160 0F until it becomes firm and hard. 

Don’t use cracked eggs, instead, throw them away. You should purchase and prepare eggs carefully; it will keep you and your family healthy and fit.

Can you microwave the runny eggs?

Yes, you can make runny eggs in the microwave. There are three ways to make the runny eggs microwaves and preparation will determine the microwave technique.

  • You required a microwave-safe bowl or mug, vinegar and water for making poached egg in the microwave.
  • You need a microwave-safe plate and oil for making sunny side eggs up in the microwave.
  • A microwave-safe plate and oil are required for making the over-easy eggs in the microwave.

How to microwave runny eggs?

Poached egg

To make a poached egg, fill a microwave-safe mug or bowl with water, crack an egg into the water and cover the bowl with a lid. Place the bowl for 50 sec in the microwave until the egg white cooks.

Sunny Side up eggs

To make the sunny side up, preheat the oven plate for 15 sec, then grease the plate and crack an egg in it and microwave for 45 sec until done.

Over easy eggs

Take a microwave-safe shallow plate, preheat it in the oven, apply oil and crack an egg into it and microwave for 60 minutes until egg white cooks.

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Are microwaved runny eggs safe for you?

Yes, microwave runny eggs are safe for you. But you should be aware of potential safety concerns.

You should use 100% microwave-safe cookware to avoid any risk. If you use microwave-safe cookware then don’t worry about safety and health issues.  As low-grade cookware can cause health problems because chemicals can leach from the pots to the food and food will no longer be safe to eat.

Please make sure that the egg yolk is not raw and cooked enough for digestion. The raw and uncooked yolk can cause infection as it has salmonella which is not safe for human beings. Make sure to cook eggs at 160-degree Fahrenheit and don’t cook them below 138-degree Fahrenheit.

Can you reheat runny eggs in the microwave?

Yes, you can reheat the runny eggs in the microwave for a short period that is less than the original time of cooking.

If the actual duration is 1.5 minutes then reheat time is 15 to 20 sec and it reduces the risk of complete cooking of runny eggs.

Can you use runny eggs in pregnancy?

Eggs are a rich source of nutrition, and you can add them to your diet as a balanced diet, but the question is can pregnant women eat raw or runny eggs. The answer is no. Raw or runny eggs contain salmonella that can cause food poisoning in pregnant women. So, if you are pregnant, avoid runny eggs.

Recent research revealed that pregnant women could eat runny eggs if they were produced under the British Lion Code of Practice. In the UK above 90% of eggs are produced under the British Lion Code of Practice, and they are safe for use.

The risk of salmonella is very low in eggs that have red lion stamps. This is because they follow strict rules under the British Lion Code of Practice. These include vaccinated hens, enhanced testing for salmonella, keeping the egg cool during transportation and improved farm hygiene.

Foods containing raw eggs

The foods that contain raw eggs include mousses, homemade mayonnaise, souffles, ice cream, baked Alaska, icing, Italian meringue and hollandaise and bearnaise sauces. If you want to buy this food first ensure that it has the British Lion Stamp.

Can you eat eggs that don’t have a red lion stamp?

You can eat eggs that don’t have a red lion stamp if it is prepared well. Otherwise, it can cause food poisoning. So, you store and cook them properly to minimize the risk of food poisoning.


In this article, we answered the question “Are runny eggs safe”? and discussed whether you can microwave the eggs and are runny eggs safe for pregnant ladies. 

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